Winter Phase Detail

What is Winter Phase and How Do I Do It?

Winter Phase is how you improve your character's Skills, Attributes, Traits, and Passions. It's also where you see if your character has started to deteriorate from old age, and how their manor, children, and horses fair over the course of the year. Because of the MUSH setting for this game, we do things a little differently here than is stated in the basic Pendragon system. We'll go through each step one at a time, trying to make each one as clear as possible and to point out differences (and why they're handled differently).

Solo Adventures

This basically stands in for someone who missed an IC Season due to being away from the MUSH. It allows them to still collect a few opportunities to improve their character without having been present. If you've been away from the MUSH for at least a RL month, you should talk to Staff about the possibility of a Solo Adventure. It will be handled by talking your way through what went on ICly, making a few rolls, and getting the opportunity to possibly raise a few Skills or Traits.

Experience Checks

When we use skills, they often get better. Each RL month (IC Season), you can choose up to three Skill, Trait, or Passion rolls you made during the course of that month on which either a) you Critically Succeeded, or b) you Succeeded in a manner which was dramatically important to the scene or to your character (any time you Succeed on a Passion it counts as being dramatically important). These three rolls should be submitted to Staff via +request with the title "Winter Phase," including links to the logs on the wiki they show up in. You should also submit any Critical Failures on Traits (the opposite Trait might go up) or any Failures on Passions that occurred during the RL month. In a tabletop game, each of these submitted Skills, Traits, or Passions would get a physical checkmark next to it on your character sheet. A given Skill, Trait, or Passion can only get one checkmark per year, no matter how often you Critically or dramatically Succeed (every time you Fail a Passion should be noted, however, as it may go down).

During the Winter Phase, each Skill, Trait, or Passion which received a checkmark will get a roll (you can get up to 9 Critical Successes or dramatic Successes checkmarked this way per Winter Phase, plus whatever Traits you Critically Failed the opposites of, and whatever Passions you Failed). If you roll higher than the current rating of the Skill, Trait, or Passion, it goes up by 1. Obviously, this makes it easier for skills with low ratings to be raised this way. A roll of a 20 always increases a skill with a checkmark, even if it is at or above 20 already. You can always choose the order in which you check for raises on Skills, Traits, or Passions (this can be important if you have checkmarks on opposing Traits).


If your character is over 35, you must make a 2d6 roll to determine how many of your Attributes have a chance to be lowered. The result will be between 0 and 4 possible Attribute losses. For each Attribute you have a chance to lower, roll 1d6. 1=SIZ, 2=DEX, 3=STR, 4=CON, 5=APP, 6=No Loss. If any Attribute reaches 3, your character is bedridden. If any Attribute reaches 0, your character dies (time to trade up to a younger model).

Economic Circumstances

Only Heads of House/Stewards need to worry about this, but basically it comes down to deciding how to spend the 2 Librum that each manor has as 'extra income' each year after maintenance, food, general repairs, and the like. Saving is good.

Horses and Family

You have to roll for a chance that your horse dies, and to see if you have any children (if you're married), and for the child's health (until they are 15), and to see if any aged members of the family die. Some allowances will be made from the standard tabletop rules (especially for PC mothers giving birth to children), but just living in this era can certainly be hazardous to your health.

Training and Practice

Choose one option of the following:

  • Put 6 points into Skills, divided you would like, provided that this does not raise any of the Skills over 15.
  • Raise one Skill from 15-20 by 1 point (Skills over 20 can only be raised through Experience Checks, above).
  • Raise one Attribute by 1 point up to the cultural maximum (18 for everything but CON, which is 21).
  • Raise one Trait by 1 point up to 19 (remember to lower the opposing Trait by 1 point as well).
  • Raise one Passion by 1 point up to 20.


Add up all of your Glory from the year. Don't forget, in particular, bonuses for Famous Traits, spending a great deal of money (provided you're able to obtain it in the first place), being a Romantic Knight, for being the Head of House, being a Religious Knight, being a Chivalrous Knight, and other "passive" boosts to Glory that happen once per year during the Winter Phase.

Every year that your Glory goes above a multiple of 1,000 (1,000, 2,000, 3,000, etc), you gain an additional point to place into any Skill, Trait, Passion, or Attribute. If you go past two multiples of 1,000, you gain two additional points. If these points make one of your Traits Famous or qualify you as a Romantic, Religious, or Chivalrous Knight, you do not get the Glory bonus until next Winter Phase.


Submit a +request every RL month with up to 3 things you rolled well for, and any Traits you Critically Failed. Link to the log of each one happening in the +request. There's a chance they'll go up during the next Winter Phase. Every 4th month (Winter Phase), you also can spread 6 skill points across your skills under 15, OR raise a Skill at 15+, an Attribute, a Trait, or a Passion up by 1 point. Your horse might die, but your manor or liege lord should be able to provide another. You may have kids, or your kids may die, but your wife should be able to provide another.

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