Winter Phase

1. Perform Solo Scenario (if applicable)

In the game this is for players who were absent during 1 game session (and entire year of play). We are looking to offer this, its more a choose your way adventure, a couple skills checks, some trait checks and some outcomes based on this that give your PC a little story. I am thinking if one is absent, ill, or indisposed to participate in any event during one month of play, this may be applicable. More to work out.

2. Roll for Experience (if applicable)

Each time you use a skill, passion, or trait in the game and you either score a critical or do something significant when the check is made, you note this down on your sheet. In the Winter Phase, you roll a 1d20 against each marked skill, trait or passion, and if you roll over that number it raises by 1 point. Easier for lower level skills.

In the game you would have a handful of these, 3-6 to check. In our game we will initiate a monthly +request report. You may note up to 2 logs from the past month with 2-3 skills/traits/passions used as noted (critical or significant/dramatic point in the RP) that will be checked and rolled for experience come the winter phase. This will give everyone 6-9 potential raises to these numbers on their sheet every winter phase.

3. Check for Aging (if applicable)

Only applicable to chars age 35 and older. We have roughly two and a half years of real time before this will be an issue.

4. Check Economic Circumstances

This is when a few things are checked on your equipment, your stables and your manor. For all of us, what this comes down to is the reception of your annual income which is 2£. This is after your household is covered, repairs are made, clothes are mended or bought anew, everyone is fed, you gear kept as it is.

As long as you're not RP'ing your house burning down, or nothing comes your way (a new manor, a keep, etc.) This shouldn't need to be worried about out of the gate.

5. Make Stable Rolls

For each horse in your stable, a d20 will be rolled. There is a chance one will die. The expanse to bring up one of your other horses to be usable comes from the money you collect yearly …

You have a starting stable of:

6. Make Family Rolls

This is important stuff here. If you are married, this is where you find if you had a child or not and how child birthing has fared for the year. We will be more lenient than the roles for PC mothers, see our +news policy on Death in the game.

Each child has to have a roll, this determines their health and such, and yes there is a chance they will die.

For those with NPC family such as old father and mother, it will be checked to see if they will live. And then we will check the normal family events tables to see if anything else has happened to other NPCs around you and your household.

7. Undergo Training and Practice

This is your own personal training and focus. You may choose one of the following:

  • You may choose to raise 6 skills under 15 up to the max of 15 (6 skill points)
  • One skill raised by one, from 15 to 20 (over 20 only raises by experience checks)
  • Or one attribute by one point up to your cultural max.

8. Compute Glory

This is typically when all your glory from the prior year is given to you beyond the starting glory from your family.

9. Add Bonuses from Glory (if applicable)

For each 1,000 Glory points, a character may add 1 bonus point to any one trait, passion, statistic, or skill during the Winter Phase of the game. All knights start over 1,000, and get one additional point beyond checks and training with which to raise stats. These points are added during the Winter Phase. The system rounds, only when it exceeds 1,000; 1,500 is 2 points this way.

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