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Arthur and Lancelot
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The Realms Adventurous is a game of High fantasy adventure set during the reign of King Arthur Pendragon. We offer knightly adventures, conquest and battles, courtly intrigue, and tales of the courts. Whether one is looking to fend off ravaging Saxons, quell upstart Kingdoms, seek out fame and fortune in tournaments, quest for mythical beasts and treasure, or carve out their own family dynasty, The Realms Adventurous will suit their needs.

We are an on-line RPG (Mush) dedicated to the King Arthur Pendragon RPG. Currently we are in early development. Character generation is up and running and our +check system for rolling against skills is well under way. Alpha is open and we're seeing an increase in player characters. Still room amongst the manors of Salisbury.

Player of the Week: Ottis!
ottis Located in Sarum, Ottis Black is a talented weaponsmith. Need a new dagger or some spear heads? How about sharpening out the dings in your sword? Seek him out in the Farmer's Quarters at the Hammer and Anvil Smithy!!

Server News: June 24, 2016!!

Due to excessive heat from AC breaking in house, the server has gone down. Hoping that it will be fixed before the end of the weekend. Will post updates here as available!

New Server!!

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