Scope Of Plots

What Are We Doing

We are playing figures around the life/times of the legendary figure, King Arthur. We will enjoy playing knightly adventures, political games, courtly intrigue and telling the tales of those in and around the lives of these knights, lords and ladies.

Typical things that will happen with regular consistency:

  • Major Events: grand feasts, celebrations of events, meeting of dignitaries
  • Tournament Jousting: regular circuit, there will be one per year in Salisbury
  • Battles: Upstart kings, Saxon and Pict Raids, border skirmishes with your neighbors, obligation to the crown and foreign campaigns alike
  • Adventures: Knights are given a reprieve of duties to adventure, investigate mythical rumors, attend personal honors, and generally explore the realms

The Scope of an Arthurian Tale (Adventure)

There are usually a series of trials, usually masked, that takes place during the scope if an Arthurian Tale. These are all meant to challenge the adventurer.

There is always some portion that will challenge the virtues/vices of the participant (your traits); such as the lust of a chaste man or through seduction, the selfishness of a generous man by offering an object he may greatly desire, or the temperance of an indulgent man be being offered magical nectar.

There is usually some contest between the adventurer and an opponent. This could be direct combat, a test of wits playing a game, a competition to sing and woo some savage beast. It not always direct conflict, but the known measure is against another individual.

There is always a moment of decisiveness, choosing the correct fork in the road by recalling a tale or knowing the lay of the land, choosing the correct goblet by recalling the maker of the cup, choosing who to talk to at a mystical feast.

What We Won't Be Doing

There is a wide range of plots, events, and stories to be told within the scope of our game. We should bear in mind what we will not be doing …

  • We will not overthrow or defeat Arthur, this is reserved for Mordred
  • We will not defeat Mordred before his role is complete
  • We will not alter the course of major knights or story lines
  • We will not recreate major stories
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