Roman Christian

The Pope is the primary figure in Roman Christianity. A more spiritual outlook and unity through the holy spirit with guidance from the Pope. The liturgical calendar stems from the epiphany/baptism of Jesus. The date for this coincides with mass and is celebrated on the 1st Sunday between January 2nd and 8th.

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British Christian

Bishops are key figures in administering to their congregations and locals. More pragmatic/humanist look, the one closer to the people knows what is better for them. Their liturgical calendar stems from the epiphany which is solely recognized as January 6th.

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Celtic Paganism still has strong roots in the peoples of Britain even if more and more of the nobility are turning to Christianity. Some Manors still hold true to the Old Ways, and still honor the Great Gods as well as their own house pantheons. This religion is deeply rooted in nature, possessing neither good nor evil, but instead an ever-changing landscape of light and dark.

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