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Lady Glory …

You say, "The glory for those applies to marriage for your spouse"

Leodwen says, "Ah!"

You say, "so if you marry a knight, you gain 1,000 glory …. its to balance ladies against lady knights for fairness"

Leodwen says, "So… that would mean I could be a good match!"

You say, "Exactly"

Leodwen says, "Also…and maybe this has been asked hundreds of times already."

Leodwen says, "Winter phase, the checks we submit. I can't submit another check for a skill/trait I've already submitted in January, right?"

Leodwen says, "Or does this work cumulatively. Like… Bryce submits Sword for January and February, and gets two skill checks?"

You say, "It would be redundant, because you can only check the skill once no matter how many checks"

You say, "It would only be the one skill check"

Leodwen says, "Right! Thanks for answering my questions."

Announcement: SirKay shouts, "Q&A in TP Room 8 Today for any who have questions, emphasis on Passions and Winter Phase as a few have been curious of late in regards to those"

You say, "You're welcome, I'm logging, gonna keep you questions,there good ones"

You say, "Hello Ailil"

You say, "Lady Glory, its meant as a balance to the lady knight. Marriage in Pendragon gives glory based on the potential spouse. If someone marries a knight, they gain 1,000 glory. This is the max one can gain from marriage. We have more lady knights, which could make them more appealing if someone is just looking for glory. So now a lady brings more glory to the potential marriage."

You say, "The appearance is cumulative. At APP 15, its 100 glory, at 16, its 175, and so on, up to 200 glory for APP 18. If a lady spends points in winter phase to raise it to 19+, this is an additional 100 glory for legendary APP."

You say, "The lady skills, its 100 for each lady skill at 10, and then 25 per point above 10. 14 in a lady skill would be 200 glory for the spouse. Skills are more valuable in the end than the APP, they have real application in running a household."

You say, "A question, how does one actually raise skills at the end of the year …. good moment to jump into Winter Phase"

You say, "So along the way folks are accumulating XP Checks through +requests, up to 9 through +requests and potentially others. Aside from the possibility of a solo adventure for those who didn't make events or battles ina year, the first step everyone will do is Rolling for Experience. This will be done automatically in the winter phase room I'm working on. It will list your xp checks, then roll for each one. If you roll higher than your current skill, you get a free raise to that skill. This counts for traits, passions and skills. The lower your current skill the better chances of having a free raise. A 20 is always a success in winter phase for experience, so you can potenitally raise skills at 20 or higher by this method."

You say, "Secondary to this there is a Training and Practice phase, after the Expreience step and you get some free raises, you will have an option for training and practice. This is off camera during Winter Phase (one reason why its not played out in the game). You may choose 1) 6 skill points, these can be divided up among any skill under 15 (and you can raise up to 15 with these), 2) Raise any one skill or trait or passion (up to 20 for skills, up to 19 for traits), or 3) raise an attribute up to your cultural max (except siz)"

You say, "Question: What's the maximum number of checks someone might have in at this point? 3?"

You say, "We opened early in December and allowed folks to get in then. Some folks may have 3 checks from December, but most folks will have 3 at this point. There was a special opportunity during the wedding for knights to get a free trait check depending what they asked for, some folks may have 4 (or 7 if they've been around long enough)."

You say, "Question: What do crit fails do and why do we report them?"

You say, "In the TT game, a crit fail on a trait is an automatic XP check in the opposite trait, usually your vice as you check your virtue first if undecided. We do not require these to be checked, though folks have been reporting them. They may have more than 3 for reporting an crit fail as well. As its not always optimal to report a crit fail like this, because it could result in raising one of your vices, we are going to offer a free +xp check to any skill one would like. We are looking at something minimal, one per IC year, maybe one every other winter phase."

You say, "Question: Do you have to have a crit success to submit it for a winter check? If not, does it make a difference whether its a success or a crit success?"

You say, "No, we do not require a crit success to submit for an XP check. In the TT game, a crit success is an automatic XP check, but a success in a dramatic situation could warrant an XP check being awarded by a GM. This would be such a moment as convincing the King to support a cause using an orate. This is subjective and works better in a small group format.

Thus, we will allow any three skills/traits/passions during any month to be reported that you have had a success on."

John arrives from the TinyPlot Rooms.

You say, "After this first year, folks should have 9 XP checks per year to potentially raise skills with. Bonus if staff feels its warranted or part of an even.t"

Martyn arrives from the TinyPlot Rooms.

John says, "very cool. That makes me want to flex other skills besides combat skills now too"

You say, "Its good to try and get some in the under 10 range, better chance of those raising during the 1st part of Winter Phase"

You say, "Feel free to page questions, some topics have been touched on, would gladly retouch it for new folks …. gonna go towards Passions half a moment again, just an overview"

You say, "Question: So is xp based on dice rolls for those checks or do those checks just bump them up a point?"

You say, "Raising skills is done by XP checks, training and practice, and then glory gain …. the three you report a month have a chance to raise in the experience step of Winter Phase. The first part of winter phase a d20 is rolled against every skill, trait or passion you've requested an XP check for (up to 9 via +requesting) and if the number is higher, it raises by one"

You say, "The training and practice, You may choose 1) 6 skill points, these can be divided up among any skill under 15 (and you can raise up to 15 with these), 2) Raise any one skill or trait or passion (up to 20 for skills, up to 19 for traits), or 3) raise an attribute up to your cultural max (except siz)"

John says, "Oh very cool"

John says, "And this is all done during winter?"

You say, "Yes John, the actual raise comes in Winter Phase …. this it the time of year knights settle down at home, take care of things there, recall stories with family around fires, attend the home and such."

You say, "Before passions, I'll touch on glory too. During a year, for every 1K marker you hit in that year in your glory, you gain 1 point for skills, traits, passions and attributes. If you hit 2k this year you get 2 free points, if you hit 3k the next year, you get 1 point that year …."

You say, "Follow up question. How does the training exactly work. Do we need to request what we are training for with rp logs?"

You say, "No need to log these, training and practice is assumed during the off camera times, during the fast paced year. You do not need to RP out training and practice. This will be a step in the winter phase room(s) come winter phase."

You say, "Question: Winterphase is when? At the end of March? The beginning of April?"

You say, "It will be at the beginning of April, some folks have asked to have some time to RP in winter, if everyone is agreeable to this, Winter Phase room will open at the beginning of April for a week or two for everyone to finish"

You say, "I'll hold a moment on passions in case folks have skill/winter phase questions"

You say, "Question: Could you give an example of what might warrant gaining a new passion?"

You say, "This is a good question. Passions are light at the beginning, just the basics is all one needs. They are gained through play. It is based on RP, if someone keeps saying the love Salisbury, or the Cathedral, or the Pub, or a Person … or if the hate them, or if they decide upon seeing the first monster snake they are afraid of snakes …

They can be awarded a new passion. Literally its that simple. If after a few logs someone realizes they hate something in particular, or like something, or any other passion, they can let staff know. We are seeing Amor's being requested, but anything could be requested. This does not have to wait for winter phase. After a few logs of something happening that seems like a new passion, let staff know. We might not notice it in all the logs, but a +request showing a few logs would do and we would be glad to add a new passion. Directed traits will be done in a smilar fashion when they're ready to go."

Ailil says, "You could have a passion for the cathedral?"

You say, "sure, but it only comes into play when something would threaten the cathedral"

You say, "or, it has to make logical sense why you would use it that is"

Acwel arrives from the TinyPlot Rooms.

You say, "Orate to get funding for improvements, to get a new clergy member, remove one you don't like, defend it against Saxons, energy while helping build it, etc."

Warning 'thing-desc' for RP Mog(#1135Tn):

thing is missing description

Acwel says, "Are we talking about skills and manors?"

You say, "Passions and gaining new ones"

Acwel says, "Ah."

You say, "an example was gaining a love for something, an the cathedral was used as an example"

You say, "Passions …. passions are good, in most circumstance a success applies +10 to the skill, and +20 on a critical success. This is considered 'inspired' they can this bonus to any one skill (combat or non-combat) for the duration of a task, or for one round of battle. However, if one fails the roll, they become 'disheartened'. They suffer -5 to all rolls for the duration of the task that brought on the state, then after the situation, they suffer melancholy for X number of weeks equal to the level of the passion that failed. A critical fail is a fumble, this should be lowering the passion by one point automatically and the character is maddened. In the TT the char is turned over to the GM who returns the PC to play after a length of time. Maddened is considered very bad, they could of gone through an ordeal that results in attributes and skills being changed. In the game this is controlled by the GM to determine how bad the maddened character turns out from the ordeal.

Secondary to this, if you invoke a passion but fail the task you invoked it for, you become shocked that you failed despite the ecstatic inspiration received from the passion. This results in rolling on the aging table for potential stat loss. Some may have seen Major Wounds in the recent combats and battles, whereby attributes have been lowered. This is usually one per major wound. The shock is a 2d6 roll to determine how many are lost and up to 4 points may be lost at one time."

You say, "Back to gaining passions, just wanted to clarify that its good, passions, but there is a serious risk when used too"

You say, "So yes, you could gain Hates as well, some houses start with extra hates, like Irish (there are lots of Irish to the east, Cornwall and in Cambria/Wales), or Picts even … if you keep encountering some and keep deciding you hate them and RP thusly, by all means, request a new hate too"

You say, "Question …. Could Perin increases hate saxons after the Death of Aeryn?"

You say, "No, not without using bonus points in witner phase to raise his hate of saxons. This ie because he already has the passion. However, if he didn't have the hate and this happened, he could gain hate (saxons) and would roll 3d6 to determine at what level this starts at"

You say, "I feel there is something else I should cover, but my mind is drawing a blank …."

Martyn pats.

You say, "Thanks sir"

You say, "oh yes, that's it, McDavid is on a roll …. rookie carrying the team …."

Martyn grins.

You say, "Maybe a good moment to talk about missions and adventures?"

You say, "We've tried to give some out, there are a few potentially out there for folks to do, but I want to point out, folks are welcome to approach staff for mission ideas and adventures."

You say, "We've indicated folks are welcome to PrP's once every couple of weeks. These are lighter perhaps, finding some bandits, tracking someone down, dealing with commoner squabble, etc. And folks are welcome to these. But in the same time, if folks want to find a group and go on a mission or a quest, they are welcome to it. There will be more combat in some of these, but not required, and the base glory for something bigger that staff is aware of will be 30-50"

Ailil says, "This has been helpful."

You say, "There may be more questions, I'll be available in here all do for folks, answers posted on the site of course too"

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