Questions and Answers

Madoc says, "I'll start out in a few minutes here. I'll give a few general concepts and stuff then we can open it up to questions. I don't have any real format or agenda for this otherwise!"

SirKay says, "not to interrupt his format, but side chatter can go to theme or something to prevent log/room from getting spammy …"

Madoc nodnods.

Madoc says, "I'll take questions via page and try to address them as I go, I think. :)"

Madoc says, "So first of all, I know a lot of people are familiar with Arthurian Legend, and some of the more traditional Lords and Ladies games out there. Pendragon is a bit different from both of those. Pendragon draws largely on La Morte de Arthur for a lot of it' sources, but tries to weave historical things, and other Arthurian sources. It also spans a rather large period of culture and technology in a very small period of time, relative. Something really important though, is that our knights aren't lofty lords and ladies, these are people at the bottom rung of nobility, with many of them no assurance that their line will remain noble. Nobles at this level aren't the idle rich, men are busy fighting, and serving their lord, while women generally tend to the house, they sew, they weave, they make the clothes, do a lot of chores around the manor and generally make sure the manor runs smoothly."

Madoc says, "A Vassal knight is the first noble title that becomes hereditary, that is, the Heir is the only noble who assures his status is translated to his children."

Madoc says, "Every other knight, family, household, etc, lose that status upon death, though their children are often more likely to gain a knighthood, or marry a knight, etc, so it's quite important still to be as close to that main line as possible."

Madoc says, "Morlois has a good question: That means that Cousins are generally 'household help' whether they're male or female? And only the kindness of the Vassal Knight keeps them in 'nobility'?

The short answer is that the Vassal Knight only directly supports himself, his wife, and his children. The Manor is literally enough to pay for that, and only a little more. Family knights are knights who are supported by another lord, most likely the Earl. The benefit of being part of that family is you have a Manor who's resources you can probably call upon, perhaps a place to be able to raise a family at, etc. But the Vassal Knight does not support any other knights besides himself.

The ladies is a bit of a more interesting one, a lady would often go off to be a hand maiden to an older noblewoman, a Vassal Knight's wife, or part of a larger retinue with a Banneret's wife, or higher. I'll explain retinues in a bit, but the status of Ladies here is something we handwave a bit for RP's sake, but as the game grows and Vassals get married we can start establishing those connections a bit better."

Madoc says, "If anyone has any questions related to this specific line of chat go ahead and page me now, by the way. :D"

Madoc says, "Signe asks: So female cousins are more likely to go be handmaids or all female unmarried ladies are?

All ladies would be a handmaiden, it's like being a squire for a knight, it's your apprenticeship in the noble world, essentially, where you learn the basic skills to be a wife."

Madoc says, "She also asks: What makes a man or woman more desirable to marry, as far as lineage goes? How do dowries tie in, birth order, etc?

A man is more desireable the more land he has, becaus ethat gives the wife better circumstances for herself, and her children.

What makes a woman more desireable is a little more fluid, good looks, the ability to run an estate, a big dowry, etc. Birth order isn't so important, unless there is land to inherit with that dowry (The higher price is usually to the older daughter). But we haven't really dealt with dowries here yet."

Madoc says, "Rose asks: I think a large worry is going to be, as we grow, the lady's and lords who are not heir or Knights are going to be forced from a Noble place. One good thing I liked about the game, was that we can play nobles. It would be kinda odd, for those playing now, to not be noble later. I understand that we are handwaving the lord/lady title for the fun of rp, but is that going to be lost? Mostly everyone would want to play the mainline."

Madoc says, "I think in general, we're not going to force anyone into poverty or anything like that arbitrarily, or anything. I'm hoping as we grow, and people become more established, or have more land etc that we start organically incorporating people into the manors through marriage, or service etc. Poverty is of course a concern, which is part of the setting, being married to a knight is the best way to stave that off, they generally make rather good money through gifts from their lord, raiding and war income, etc."

Madoc says, "And, remember, those in the main line who don't actually inherit the manor, are in a rather similar position as the Cousins."

Madoc says, "Family is important, you don't want your cousins to be impoverished, because it looks bad on you. That's part of why we're emphasizing the family aspect over the lineage."

Madoc says, "It's a problem we've talked about though, Rose, and we have some contingency ideas if it's needed. :D"

Madoc says, "Eirlys asks: This is why they sent some of their sons and daughters to Church right?"

Madoc says, "That's exactly the case, a cousin or brother who is a priest, still has those ties to his family. Look at the Borgias as an extreme example of how that may work."

Madoc says, "Your family is your power base, even if they're not your vassals. You can call your cousins to your defence, etc."

Madoc says, "Okay, there have been a couple of questions regarding upward growth in general."

Madoc says, "A big theme of Pendragon is upward mobility, going from knight to vassal, vassal to banneret, etc. Those themes will be present. And it's not going to be just the Vassals who are able to do this upward movement."

Madoc says, "Land can be a prize in tournaments, it can come as a gift of Conquest, as a vassal knight becomes a banneret, he'll have to support his own knights, which would give room for family knights to move upwards."

Madoc says, "And women can often marry up easier then men too, so gold digging is certainly encouraged, and very thematic!"

Madoc says, "A Cousin lady is not any different then a 'mainline' lady, same with a knight."

Madoc says, "The only difference in Mainline vs. Cousin is line of inheritence, but a lot of that goes away if the Vassal has an heir too. I personally don't see much difference between a brother, and a cousin as far as potential!"

Madoc says, "Commoners can potentially get elevated. It's most likely through a knighthood, however, which means squiring, etc. It's easier to have your child elevated to knighthood, then elevating yourself!"

Madoc says, "That was a response to a question from Lainn: Lainn pages: Any chance for commoners to be granted a nobility status through deed or notoriety? Or are they eternally toiling in the dirt?"

Madoc says, "Will Lady Knights be able to win land? I don't know, probably! :D"

Madoc says, "We want to try to make Lady knights as equal to Male knights as we can."

Madoc says, "There may be some give and take, of course."

Madoc says, "But I think it's just as likely. :)"

Madoc says, "I'll touch on that a bit more when I talk about land itself too."

Madoc says, "Rose asks: I think the main issue with how you explained it, were people were worried about being able to call themselves, Lord, Lord, Lady Knight, Lady Priestess etc."

Madoc says, "That's tricky."

Madoc says, "A noble who goes to join a Christian church revokes his claim on inheritance. He's not a noble anymore, but a priest, which offers other status and benefits."

Madoc says, "So you wouldn't be Lord Priest, or Lady Nun, etc."

Madoc says, "Pagan is a bit different, since there is no organized religious institutes for them."
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Madoc says, "Being a Pagan priest is basically just claiming you're a Priest, and having people accept your status."

Gideon says, "I miss anything good?"

Madoc says, "Regarding the Druids: They're largely non-existant at this time, at least not in a major sense. Are their druids out there? Yes. Are they a major player in british Paganism? Not so much, other then their legacy. If for some reason a Noble were to become a Druid, he'd probably lose his nobility too."

Madoc says, "Hmm."

Madoc says, "Signe asks: I am still confused about female inheritance. If the oldest child is a girl but she has a younger brother, does the land go with her to her husband? or does younger brother get it? Does she only inhgerit if she has no brothers? What about male cousins, if she has male cousins do they get it over her?"

Madoc says, "Inheritance is /always/ the Oldest male child. If there are no male children, then it will go to the oldest daughter."
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Madoc says, "Eirian asks: On the topic of pagan priest(esses), is their original status what most non-pagans would view them as? A member of house Stapleford, for example, or a commoner?"

Madoc says, "Yes, I think most would view them as their original status, again, Pagan's are a little bit of a wierd spot for knights."
GAME: Save complete.

Madoc says, "Mave asks: So, in general… we are all mortals in a mystical world, but not able to conjure up the mystical ourselves?"

Madoc says, "Yes. I'll talk about Fae and magic a bit more later. :D"

Madoc says, "Ok! I'm going to talk about Land briefly now."

Madoc says, "There are two types of land, Demesne, and Enfoeffed."

Madoc says, "Enfoeffed Land is Land that requires a knightly survice. Every Manor at the moment is an Enfoeffed land, which means that land is specifically there to provide 1 knight the income he needs to live, in exchange for service, 40 days of war, and 3 months of garrison, a year, otherwise it is his to do with as he wishes."

Madoc says, "A Demesne Land is land without any strings attached, it's free for a noble to use as he wishes, it's his own property, and perhaps the more valuable of the two."

Madoc says, "Land can be Granted or Gifted as well. A Grant is land that is passed from generation to generation, that is what all of our manors at this time are. A Gift is only for the duration of the knight's life, it then returns to the original owner."

Madoc says, "Gideon asks: So is there any kind of explanation as to how the manors are supporting so many PC knights? Is that handwavium or is Earl Robert eating the cost?"

Madoc says, "The family knights are not supported by the Manor, they are supported by Robert. They are Roberts knights in ever way, they just have family ties to the Manor their family owns."

Madoc says, "The perk to being a family knight, is you can crash at the manor, sleep in the great hall, have a built in network of support, etc. It also means that the Family Knight has a little more spare money in his pocket."

Madoc says, "Maeve asks: Also… what is the Staff's opinion on heirs marrying heirs to snatch up more power? Or will that be discouraged OOCly?"

Madoc says, "It can happen, however the charter of the land does not change, the second manor will have to provide a knight to the earl. In essence you'd have to gift that land to a knight or be in breach of your contract to the Earl."

Madoc says, "Fayne asks: You said it was possible for a knight to be gifted land but if they are do they form thier own manor and take on a new name or do they keep thier name and just have more land to the family name as a whole?"

Madoc says, "That land would be the sole property of the knight it's gifted/granted to. If the land is a Manor, he'd have his own manor, his own land, etc."

Madoc says, "Any other land related questions? :)"

Madoc says, "Ok! Let me move on to another one regarding gear, clothes, etc."

Madoc says, "Morlois asked: I think that at some point, discussion of clothing available, armor styles, and horses would be good too. *grins*"

Madoc says, "So, this is a fluid thing, as time passes more will be available. Right now we have Reinforced Chainmail, which is just better chainmail. Closed helms are the norm for knights."

Madoc says, "Weapons: Long Swords, Spears, Maces, Morning Stars, etc."

Madoc says, "I actually am working on getting a list of era appropriate weapons up, so watch the bboards soon."

Madoc says, "The style is largely that Norman/Saxon style still, with some hints at medieval stuff coming."

Madoc says, "Horses: Chargers are your warhorses, these are becoming more common, and showing up in the hands of mounted Sergeants, and most all knights would have a charger."

Madoc says, "Rouncies are your generic riding horses."

Madoc says, "And we have pack/draft horses as well."

Madoc says, "I'm not totally up on horse breeds, but we don't have anything that's really Spanish/Arabic yet."

Madoc says, "I believe there is a horse between Rouncy / Charger as well, but the name escapes me."

Signe says, "palfrey?"

Guest_Gawaine says, "Lady's horse."

Madoc says, "Yes, Palfreys and Coursers as well."

Madoc says, "No Destriers yet."

<OOC> Morlois says, "Palfrey is a lady's horse. Courser is a knight's hunting horse (smaller than a charger and faster than a rouncey)"

Madoc says, "So: Carthorses, Chargers, Coursers, Donkeys, Mules, Palfreys, Rounceys, Sumpter"

Madoc says, "Those are our horse types that would be around."

Madoc says, "A Knight has 1 Charger, 2 Rounceys, and a Pack Horse."

Madoc says, "Most women would also probably ride a Rouncy too."

Madoc says, "A Palfrey is a rather expensive option!"

Madoc says, "Clothing: Linen and Wool only, no silk, no cotton, and it's rather simple at this point, there is an entry on the wiki about it that explains it better then I!"

Madoc says, ""

Madoc says, "Down at the bottom is our clothing entry. :D"

Madoc says, "Clothing style will change as we advance, but that is the style of the Boy King period, which we are in!"

Madoc says, "There probably aren't really corsets, or bodices in common wear, but I'm not really an expert on medieval fashion!"

Guest_Gawaine, as Eirian, is pretty experienced on this so page or +mail any questions about fashion you might have. ;)

Madoc says, "If you want to draft up something and send it to me Eirian I can look it over."

Catryn says, "That would be excellent."

Madoc says, "we're in a fairly medieval period of fashion still, at the moment."

Madoc says, "Fairly early, that is."

Madoc says, "Pendragon covers several hundred years of culture/technology, so it's a bit wierd."

Madoc says, "And some leeway can be allowed probably."

Madoc says, "Because of the oddness of Arthurian england."

Madoc says, "Jewelry!"

Madoc says, "So."

Madoc says, "Again, this isn't my /strong/ point."

Madoc says, "I should have anticipated this one better! Most nice jewelry is the realm of heirlooms, a nice golden piece is probably worth the yearly income of a manor, so it's not a trivial thing."

Madoc says, "Silver would be the go to 'fancy' thing for rings, earrings, etc, and still a person would likely not have more then one or two pieces, other jewelry would be common metals."

Madoc says, "This is another thing where who you marry matters. Marrying a vassal means you have prettier jewelry then those women marrying a family knight, etc."

Madoc says, "Wood, steel, copper, whatnot are all probably quite acceptable materials!"

Madoc says, "We're not going to be out snooping descs, and being super anal about it, just use some common sense and think about your status. Tin too, We can probably get some collaboration from people about what would make good jewelry, and searching the googles can probably find some nice examples!"

Eirlys says, "Cool!"

Madoc says, "Feel free to poke at me later if you want to help contribute to jewelry of the times! I know a few of you have shown interest in elaborating on it."

Madoc says, "Eirlys pages: I also want to know the kinds of jewerly we could afford and other luxuries. What would our finest outfits be? That sort of thing."

Madoc says, "You would have probably two outfits, one for every day wear, and one for court. Your nice one would be your court wear, and your every day outfit would be older outfits. hand-me-downs are big, and one of the main roles of the women is to produce a new outfit for the family every year. :)"

Madoc says, "One of the big traditions associated with winter feasting, is usually giving your vassals a new outfit of ther station, so the earl would give his knights some clothes, the knights would hand their old outfits down, their wife would give their staff clothes, etc."

Guest_Gawaine says, "Throughout the medieval period, hand-me-downs and secondhand clothes from better households being sold in the market is a very common way of getting a new outfit. 'Cutting down' clothes is also common, where women of the household take outgrown robes and whatnot and keep sizing down all the way to the children."

Madoc nods at Gawain, "Exactly."

Madoc says, "Again, wealth matters for the amount of outfits you'd have, and someone who spends more time at court would value it more then a knight living in a country manor!"

Madoc says, "And the time period will influence this too!"

Madoc says, "Seren pages: Do commoners have horses or any sort of equipment?"

Madoc says, "Yes."

Madoc says, "It all depends on what the commoner does, who he is, etc."

Madoc says, "An armsman would have a weapon, some armor (Probably chain at best, though some better equiped might have reinforced chain)"

Madoc says, "If it's appropriate for your job, it's probably fine to assume you'd have it / access to it."

Madoc says, "Rouncy's aren't so expensive a commoner couldn't have one. A Charger is probably outside the realm of affordability."

Madoc says, "Lainn pages: Will players be able to create/improve current methods of technology? Such as methods of smithing, armor designs, etc?"

Madoc says, "I don't have a good answer for that perse."

Madoc says, "A lot of technology advancement is tied to the rise of Arthur, but I think as time goes we could incorporate new advances into PC's achievements, etc."

Madoc says, "I don't think we'll allow huge leaps outside of the established progression of the timeline."

Madoc says, "But attributing those leaps to some player agency, could be cool."

Lainn says, "I think as an example, is how the vikings created the Ufbhert steel sword which was way before its time."

Lainn didn't spell that right, I know.

Madoc says, "It's something we can talk about though, for sure."

Madoc says, "And perhaps if a smith were to create a unique piece, or be involved in a quest to forge a special sword or suit if armor, we may look at the possibility of that actually having something special about it."

Madoc says, "A Masterpiece suit of chain having an extra point of armor, or a sword negating a point of armor, or something along those lines. We certainly would like to have some special things out there. :)"

Madoc says, "Signe asked: Any thing like silk kerchiefs or ribbons, a rare thing? Like…maybe you'd have come by one, at most?"

Madoc says, "I'm not sure about that, to be honest. With the Romans pulling back, luxuries from the east are almost non-existant. I would say no to silk unless it's a special reward or otherwise gained in game."

Guest_Gawaine says, "I am."

Guest_Gawaine says, "Silk production is limited almost entirely to China, so silk is extraordinarily expensive and exceptionally rare. Unless your name is King Arthur or Archbishop So-and-So, don't expect to have it. It won't be for another forty years (550s) under Justinian that silkworms were finally smuggled into the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire/Constantinople)."

Madoc says, "Rome hasn't been here for give or take a hundred years in any real sense, and it's been driven out of France pretty thoroughly as well."
<OOC> Morlois says, "Remember, Gawaine, that armor and fashion jumps in time. For instance, we're currently in the early 12th Century for fashion and armor, despite it being 514."

Madoc says, "As fashion changes though, we'll make sure to keep everyone updated, too. :D"

Signe says, "Well..I am talking about literally strips and squares, and even those being rare. I mean what'd ladies tie around the lances of their lovers!"

Madoc says, "I know!"

Madoc says, "Like I said, it's probably safe to say no to silk, at this specific year!"

Madoc says, "Why don't I touch on manors themselves as well real quick."

Madoc says, "Manors aren't fancy. If you've seen 'Vikings' you're not far off! You've got your hall, an area behind for the family, and a couple of rooms. It's probably a bit nicer, and we finally have chimneys now, but we're not living in grand noble villas or palaces yet!"

Madoc says, "Get rich and that can change, certainly!"

Madoc says, "Your immediate family would have the Solar as their private area, your family knights and arsmen would sleep in the hall, everyone else would sleep where they work.. cook in the kitchen etc."

Madoc says, "None of the Manors have a castle, a Motte and Bailey is considered a castle, and the defenses is really the fact that there's a bunch of well trained knights rather then walls and fortifications. Raiders want loot, they don't want to get trampled by a charger. :D"

Madoc says, "That's also wehre the relation between Family and Vassal Knights come in. Family knights get to live a little more comfortably when not serving, and the Vassal gets some thugs to hepl defend things."

Madoc says, "Ok! Any other questions? If not I can try to touch on Fae and Magic a bit."

Madoc says, "Ok. Guest_Gawaine pages: How are you handling manor improvements?"

Madoc says, "We're still sorting this out, we have to decide how much we want to get into it, but we'll probably come up with some method to represent this."

Madoc says, "It's going to depend how much we want to get into the economy side vs. the narrative side."

Madoc says, "There's some good chatter on +theme as well, I think. :)"

Madoc says, "Caerwyn pages: Will apt use of stewardship affect the relative fortunes of each manor?"

Madoc says, "Probably? We're still hammering that out, Pendragon offers a /lot/ of options for economy, a lot contradictory to each other, and it depends how much book keeping/micro managing we want to do."

Madoc says, "We have a few months before the winter phase, at least, so we should have something figured out by then. :D"

Madoc says, "We want to do something regarding upkeep, manors, improvements and wealth. We just have to figure out what best suits the game and such. :)"

Madoc says, "Ok. Fae and Magic."
Madoc says, "First of all: Noone at this point is a Fae, or Magical. That's important to stress. A lot of people have interest in the Fae, and Magic, and we're okay with that, it's a cool part of the theme, and we don't want to ignore it at all."

Madoc says, "What we do want, is fae encounters to be important, meaningful, and with a good respect to the power and danger the Fae can present to a mortal."

Madoc says, "The Fae are alien, and can be dangerous intentionally or unintentionally!"

Madoc says, "We're not ruling out Fae as proprs, or tools for PRP's and scenes, but their use needs to be approved ahead of time, so we can make sure that they're used appropriately, and we will probably not allow their use more often then we allow it!"

Madoc says, "Maeve asks: I know Fae are off-limits (and for good f'in reason), but what sort of creatures can us mere mortals play with?"

Madoc says, "Well, that's a good question, and I don't have a list at the moment."

Madoc says, "I think the general consensus is we don't want magical creatures to be the norm, rather a special encounter. They'll probably play roles in staff run plots, some of the 'missions', like what was handed out over the winter phase, etc."

Madoc says, "If you want to use a specific creature for a scene, just ask! :D"

Madoc says, "We're not trying to be the no-fun police, we just want to keep these things special. :)"

Madoc says, "My personal philosophy on Fae, is that they should be used in a scene where they aren't expected. I like when something ordinary goes a bit wierd, and you're not real sure what happened. A trip hunting some Saxon raiders has you run into an angry faerie elephant in the woods, etc!"

Madoc says, "That's a little more.. blunt, of course, then some of the other options."

Madoc says, "Fayne asks: Will Faerie lore play any part in plots that may happen? And can players discover bits of folk and faerie lore through RP and thier adventures?"

Madoc says, "I addressed that in part, but yes, Folk Lore and Faerie Lore can be used, most real relevations will probably be handed out by staff, since Faerie gives us a little bit of agency to decide how we want specific things to be, but those skills can always be useful!"

Madoc says, "Fayne asks: Will staff run plots involving fae and magic? Will you ever allow players to play magic users?"

Madoc says, "Of course there will be magic and fae! As for Magic Users? I don't know, Magic is very wierd in how it works in Pendragon, and hasn't been updated in a while as well. Pendragon takes the approach that Magic is best used as a tool of gamemasters rather then an option for players."

Madoc says, "There mya be circumstance where we allow slightly odd or magical options, but there's no garauntee or plans for that immediately!"

Madoc says, "It's also why Pagan priests are very limited because they rely on magic powers a lot more then any other archetype in pendragon."
Caerwyn has reconnected.

Madoc says, "Caerwyn asks: How will magical relics/better than usual equipment be handled? A famous steed, an enchanted sword."

Madoc says, "They'll probably be rewards for deeds, quests, and other similar things. There are some rules for how these things work scattered about the Pendragon books."

Madoc says, "Armor that soaks better, swords that do more damage, Dogs that give you bonuses to hunting, etc."

Madoc says, "There's no fixed rules on how they work, but they will appear eventually."

Madoc says, "Signe asks: What other magical creatures/things exist that we might encounter outside of Faerie? Is an encounter with Faerie distinct in staff's mind from an encounter with Fey?"

Madoc says, "Giants, Dragons, wyverns, etc are all slightly different then Faerie itself, Pendragon draws on a variety of lore. If it's a mythical creature, there are chances it exists. Similar with manafiestations of Christian demons and devils and possession."

Maeve says, "But we should still ask Staff before RPing with them, I assume?"

Madoc says, "You'll hear Fae, and Faerie used in Pendragon. Faerie is the realm of the Fae, they're somehwat interchangeable, but all of the magical beasts aren't automatically Fae."

Madoc says, "And that's the safest bet yeah, Maeve."

Madoc says, "Signe asks: Will staff USE players to do magic? I mean not give potential magic users the power to just use it whenever, but use them as a plot device to enact magic? IE could a priest potentially be given the opportunity for a rare moment of magic purely at staff's will?"

Madoc says, "Probably."

Madoc says, "Fayne Asks:Will players get to discover mythical beings like dragons or religious based creatures like demons ICly at some point? What about posession does that apply to this game and how does it work? Can PCs get possessed?"

Madoc says, "For sure. We don't want to really define what we can and can't do as far as storytelling, because we don't want to limit the cool stories that can be told But we won't promise anything specific either, if that makes sense?"

Fayne nods. "It makes sense yes, thank you!"

Madoc says, "Regarding posession mechanics, there are a couple examples, a posessed person having more armor, their traits changing to more evil extremes, etc. But there aren't any real hard and fast rules."

Madoc says, "Ok. PRP's, tons of questions about them. We don't have specific guidelines yet, or incentives. The Missions have been things seeded by staff, handed out to players to run as a semi PRP. I don't know if we're going to go the more liberal PRP running route, or keep things seeded mostly by us yet, It's something we'll discuss and release information as hands. As far as Agency, we've so far given a decent hand for players, but we'll likely give some tools to use, and an explanation on how to use them. For example: There will be x amount of saxons, after x rounds this should happen."

Madoc says, "With Pendragon, a lot of action is tied to season and year, each year will have it's own unique events."

Madoc says, "For example, Arthur's Wedding."

Madoc says, "There are several tournament events already out there, duels, jousts, etc."

Madoc says, "But if someone wanted to go hunting, or do falconry, noone should need approval for that!"

Madoc says, "We'll probably formalize PRP's and what you can and can't do in them a bit more though."

Madoc says, "We're still in sort of an alpha phase too, as far as the game goes. There's tons of people, where not a lot were anticipated, so we haven't formalized a lot of policies or plans yet."

Madoc says, "The input we're getting will be super helpful in figure out what people want, and how we can help enable that too."

Guest_Gawaine says, "All the people is encouraging. You guys are all doing good work. :)"

Madoc says, "If you have ideas for scenes too, do poke us. I we look at the logs as well, so things are noticed!"

Madoc says, "If you have an idea for a scene, just put in a +request about it, for now!"

Madoc says, "Rose asked: Should something as small as "faerie" lights be passed by staff? Doesn't have to have to do with faerie, as it can be fireflies or gas lights etc, but does staff want to know about even something that small?"

Madoc says, "If you do do something like this, just assume it's not a Faerie or Fae magic. I don't know that we have a ton of bogs in Salisbury though, that's more towards Cornwall, etc."

Madoc says, "Maeve asks: This might not be a question that can be easily answered, but… since we tend to roll more than your average TT, will you houserule some of the Passions rolls? The mechanics for Passions is really tough, and dictates character action pretty hardcore for a MUSH game."

Madoc says, "I would say, Regardless of TT or MU, don't roll your passions frivolously!"

Madoc says, "Traits only ever force RP at 16+, so hopefully you'll be taking traits that you want to play at that rating!"

Madoc says, "If a Trait is under 16, you never have to roll against it to guide your actions, but if you choose to you're bound by the results!"

Madoc says, "Say I'm 15 vengeful, and Maeve stepped on my foot. I don't have to invoke that trait if I don't want to. I can forgive her, or be mad without breaking the spirit of the system!"
<OOC> Morlois says, "I think she's talking about Passions, not Traits."

Madoc says, "But, as far as houserules go, we're allowing ourselves the ability to HR anything!"
<OOC> Morlois says, "<PassionRating> Weeks is brutal. *chuckles*"

Madoc says, "Yeah, but Passions shouldn't ever be rolled frivolously!"

<OOC> Maeve says, "I'm more concerned about what Morlois is pointing out… failing a passion roll can result in weeks of melancholy. I'm trying to separate the difference between TT and MUSH, where you can easily jump several weeks in a TT over two sessions, but that doesn't happen in the MUSH world regardless of our time ratio."

You say, "for example failing the loyalty roll, you're melancholy (and the extreme of it is described in the books) for 15 weeks (equal to your loyalty)"
<OOC> Maeve says, "I just want to make sure that someone's RP isn't totally dictated for several IC and RL weeks. 15 weeks ICly is still 3 RL weeks."

Madoc nods "We're not ruling out the option of houseruling things, like I said, we're still in an Alpha state! There are rules for breaking a melancholic period too, though."
<OOC> Maeve says, "And that's assuming no one tries to "heal" you, and failed healing rolls result in combat."
<OOC> Morlois nods, "One thing that will have to be houseruled is what happens -after- there's an anger-attack, Madoc. The base rules don't (to my knowledge) state what happens then."

Madoc says, "I assume he goes back into a Melencholic state."
<OOC> Morlois says, "Like, if you succeed, you break out if it. If you fail, you can try again. If you crit-fail, it's madness. But if you anger-attack your helper, it doesn't say what happens."
<OOC> Morlois nods at Madoc, "And then you can try another Trait. Okay, that's good.

Madoc says, "Yeah, that's /my/ understanding of how it works."

Madoc says, "I like to equate Melancholy with a serious injury."
<OOC> Maeve says, "Passions are great! But they are written for a table top game and feel a bit harsh for a MUSH environment."
<OOC> Maeve says, "Is the heart of my question."

Madoc says, "Yeah, like I said, we may houserule it, if you have a specific suggestion send it to us."

Maeve says, "Okay, thanks. D:"

Maeve says, "Err :D"

Madoc says, "I like how serious Passions can be, but I agree it's akward removing someone from play for so long too."

Madoc says, "Caerwyn asked: Will there be a way to raise traits more precipitously? The current chargen stems from stats set by religion and one (1) famous trait. And changes come quickly in TT, as each session equals a season, usually, rather than an entire month equaling a season."

Madoc says, "I dunno! We may decide a way to allow some more agency in adjusting passions through play, the 9 xp-checks can certainly go towards them, of course, and probably ought to end up there. But we can talk about that. I like Traits. Traits adjusting are the coolest part of Pendragon to me."

<OOC> Caerwyn says, "To add to that question, the TT game allows for unlimited checks of skills. I heard there was a meager limit of 3 traits and 3 skills per winter session?"

Madoc says, "It's 3 per season, it will end up at 9."

Madoc says, "Like Maeve said though, there are a lot more rolls here."

Madoc says, "A lot of the winter phase / advancement mechanics are going to be the most likely to be adjusted, it's hard to get a good gauge on how the current plans and rules we're using will actually work so soon into the game."

Madoc says, "Ok, did I miss anyone's questions, or were there more on the game mechanic subject?"

Madoc says, "Ok! Any other questions in general? :D"

Madoc says, "Caerwyn asked: Will foreigners be brought into the equation anytime soon? And do they have their own bonuses?"

Madoc says, "We have no timetable on when we'll allow foreign cultures. And they do have their own unique bonuses, like the Cymric +3 CON"

Madoc says, "Ok! I think we've run out of questions, and I'm not sure what else needs to be talked about at the moment!"

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