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Our Time Ratio

In the actual game system, campaigns progress on average one year per session. This allows a more dynastic feel to knights, lineage and the gaining of glory for family honor. We will slow down this rate, but speed up the ratio of actual play. Some places increase to 2:1 day ratio. We will increase this, one season will pass per actual month with winter (Winter Phase) occurring off screen. We will encompass an entire year in three months, or 4:1 year ratio.

We will not account for this in game aside from the turning of seasons. One can presumably assume that two weeks per active season is devoted to ones own pursuits (rp time fir social, adventure, etc) outside of home, hearth, and profession. A knight will spend time on duty and time managing his/her manor. Most professionals work most days from dawn until dusk. Idle time wasn't something well known.

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