Yorrick de Cholderton
Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne as Yorrick de Cholderton
Full Name: Yorrick de Cholderton
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Cholderton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Enfys de Cholderton (nee Horton) Height: 5'9"
Father: Father Weight: 147
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Lady Braelynn de Cholderton Eye Color: Green
Children: None


As the child between Braelynn and Llywd, Yorrick was always stuck in the middle of things. As his brother dreamed of glory and battle, and his sister her pursuits of knowledge, Yorrick was the one that was always escaping - heading out into the woods to adventure and play around the Cholderton manor home. It was these pursuits that he placed into his training as a knight, squiring with one of the Huntmasters, learning how to hunt, track, and bring down prey under his tutelage. However, Yorrick has seen his fair share of skirmishes however. He is not a knight of the tournaments, instead, he seeks his glory in hunting the large game around Salisbury and hopes to eventually to score a bear for his home.

His squiring was completed only recently, but his Huntsman training continues, the young knight hoping to eventually impress Earl Robert enough to land a coveted spot as Huntsman in his court. In the meantime, he continues to hunt for his family - having learned the sad news of his brother's passing and with their cousin handling manners of the house, Yorrick is one of the few male members of the family to return home to help tend to things, especially his younger sister and her upcoming nuptuials. He knows his own time in the bonds of marriage may come, he just hopes it's to someone that enjoys the outdoors and the hunt as much as he does - or at least is good at cleaning and preparing his catches.


At 5'9" and 147 pounds, Yorrick de Cholderton isn't exactly thin as a twig, with a healthy appetite for life and travel. Bright red hair, a rival for his sister's, is a mop on the top of his head that goes down to his neck. His ears are normal sized, though the right one bears a birthmark that covers the outer shell of it, giving it the appearance of it always being bruised. His blue eyes are pale and bright as a clear summer day, with a slightly rounded nose and plump, if rather straight lips. A smattering of freckles covers his face and nose, always darkening in the sun that his pale skin suggests that he may burn easy.

He favors tunics that can be easily loosened and decorated in the darker colors of the woods, with long sleeved under tunics and thick heavy gloves. His breeches are likewise made of a thick material and treated with oilskin so that they may help repel water, as does his boots. He carries a bow and spear usually, with a sword at his side. His left arm has thick leather armor along the side for a resting merlin hawk, and he usually has a firm control over a hunting dog on a leash.

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