Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom as William
Full Name: William
Age: 24
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Chalke
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse Height: Height
Father: Father Weight: Weight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Kylan, Tamara, Isyld Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: Children


In an effort to see the mosy glory come to their house the men and women of Chalke have always been pressured into the knighthood. That is why, when a shy lad of 10 was sent to Jaradan de Wilton to page and squire it was no surprise, though great wonder was placed in how they could afford his harness.

Under Jaradan, William proved an apt pupil and quickly rose amongst his squires and pages as a favored learner. He learned the meaning of generosity and proved to be a generous squire whether it came with praise to others or making sure he only took his due. At tournaments he caused brows to raise with his handling of spear and blade, both heavily worked into him by Robert's knight Marshal. As such he followed the knight and saw the elephant as it were rather young. at age 23 after battle at Terrabil he was knighted by the man in the morning. Proudly.

William is a rather easy going knight. preferring bush and bramble to airs of lordship. He works hard with his people, and his lance. He is loyal and often seen as the peacemaker in the family. Though how so, remains unsaid.


He stands a little under six feet tall, with dark hair that falls just short of touching his shoulders. The beard that clings to his jaw is well kept and styled, leaving the rest of his face clean. His features are sculpted and lean giving him a youthful appearance. His eyes a light grey, and they frame his hawklike nose. His skin is tanned lightly from long exposure to the outdoors. His arms and legs are corded and thickened with well defined musculature. Still he has managed to keep a lean and sinewy frame, and he moves with the fluid grace and quickness of a well versed knight.

The knight before you is dressed martially. A light shirt of grey material is worn under a long blue tunic. About the waist black breeches which spill from Black boots. Over this a hauberk of chain mail is worn, and falls down past his knees to dance at his shins. Over his along surcoat of navy is worn, and allows for his cowl of mail to hang out the back and spill at his shoulders. A braided arming belt of black is worn about his waist, and there attached is a fine sword with brown taped hilt and a round pommel with the Sun a splendor etched

About his shoulders a cloak of dull purple sits. On his hands are two thick metal rings.

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