Joakim Nätterqvist
Joakim Nätterqvist as Wilhelm de Steeple Langford
Full Name: Wilhelm de Steeple Langford
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Horton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Rose Elyn de Steeple Langford Height: 5'11"
Father: Roland de Horton (d. 507) Weight: 147
Mother: Alyson de Horton Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Siblings: Sir Branoc de Horton (HoH)
Sir Niclas de Horton
Lady Lydia de Horton
Lady Enfys de Horton
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


The last of the sons of Rolant de Horton and the second youngest child, Wilhelm de Horton grew up in the shadows of his older brother, Branoc, that was already well into squirehood when Wilhelm was born. The young Wilhelm used to enjoy the entertainment of his father's stories of his heroic deeds and glories of battles when he was growing up, so it was only natural that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of not only his father - but of his two older brothers, Branoc and Iwan. He was usually found in the countryside, swinging a wooden practice sword, practicing his mending and polishing skills, and cleaning excess gear around the manor home as he played 'Squire' to his older brother Iwan.

He was only ten when the Siege of London brought both of his older brothers and father into the field. At just under ten years old, Wilhelm was not allowed to join them and he was disappointed that he couldn't even page for the others that served his father so faithfully. However, the following year, after listening to Wilhelm protest about the fact that he needed to learn and train to be useful to the house, Sir Rolant took his son under his wing not only as page, but eventually squire. While most children are passed to others, as the youngest child, Rolant wanted to provide a little more security than he did the older children who were more than capable of looking after themselves as Wilhelm was subject to flights of fancy and storytelling as opposed to being rather formal.

Wilhelm was at his father's side at the Liberation of Somerset - the young man had come to serve as a capable squire, however; during the siege, Sir Rolant sent his son out to fetch him a fresh meal and water during a raid on the northern end of town. When Wilhelm returned with the requested items, he found his father doubled-over, his position having been overrun and in the feverish defense to drive back the attackers, Rolant was mortally wounded.

Wilhelm stayed by his father's side, and by the time those that could offer medical aid could arrive - it was too late, Sir Rolant had passed. Something changed in Wilhelm that day. He has become far more cautious in his actions. No longer prone to the stories of his childhood, he now sees everything through and has become a serious young man. He feels that his older family members may actually blame him for his father's death, despite numerous claims to the contrary, and it's a guilt that he has come to carry with him as his driving force. Now knighted himself, Sir Wilhelm knows his role in the defense of his family and manor, not only in the field and physically, but that someday the call may come from his older brother to help shore the family's honor and situation with an alliance. It is not something he dreads, but rather has come to embrace as just another task to be carried out.


  • Prudent - As a child, Wilhelm was carefree, however, since his father's death, his prudence, diligence and awareness have become as almost as keen as the falcons he trains with.


A tall and rather willowy man, Wilhelm may have been the runt of the litter when it came to the de Horton family. Standing at a few inches below six feet, his frame is made wiry and thin with years of training and practice. He has dirty blonde hair that's kept neatly trimmed and has been keeping a beard and mustache just as trimmed along a strong jawline and rounded chin. His eyes are a light blue, standing out in comparison to a slightly fair complexion and hair.

His tunics are well-tailored and cared for, usually in a dark blue in color and brown, usually leather breeches that are kept into well maintained and polished boots. He maintains his gear and clothing with the utmost attention, and his eyes are generally attentive almost to the point of nervousness.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Rose Elyn de Steeple Langford
rose There was an arrangement between the Houses of Steeple Langford and Horton to marry Rose to Wilhelm, however, when Wilhelm's father died and Wilhelm disappeared, the betrothal was placed on hold. However, after a pair of failed betrothals, she found Wilhelm again after the Sarum Summer Tournament horse race and was more than happy to agree to the prior arrangement, marrying the young knight and bringing him into the home she serves as Steward.

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