Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick as Vesper
Full Name: Vesper
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian-ish
Manor: None
Class: Commoner
Spouse: Fight for it Height: 5'1"
Father: Sir Gwydyn ap Iago Weight: A lady never tells
Mother: Lady Alaw de Newton Hair Color: Pretty
Siblings: Sir Gwion (Deceased)
Sir Joachim
Unnamed Younger Brother
Lady Eibhlin
Eye Color: Shiny
Children: All the No.




Myriad shades of brunette come to life in the hair that cascades softly from Vesper's head - rich walnut, loamy brown, and a spark of red, each color blending into the next where it hangs down her back, baby-fine curls escaping to frame a heart-shaped face. Plucky cobalt-blue eyes laugh at the world through dark eyelashes set under arching golden brows, and a short, Romanesque nose holds court above a strongly curved and narrow upper lip and a fuller lower lip. Her skin is an alabaster shade of pale, and Vesper is of an average height for most females, hitting about 5'1" on a good day.

Most often the young woman wears simple, lovely fare in bright colors, hand-stitched with fine embroidery.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Joachim de Newton
joachim Older brother; What more to say but the words have been lost.
Eibhlin de Newton
eibhlin Younger sister; I will always be here for you. You are everything that is good in this world.

Recent Logs

(515-04-01) Unbroken Bonds
Summary: Eibhlin sneaks out to see her older sister, Vesper, and the two bond even further. Date:...

(514-11-23) Introductions Around
Summary: Vesper visits Maerwynn's shop for herbs for a patient when Ottis stops by to introduce...

(514-10-04) Not All In Love is Fair
Summary: Vesper and Talfryn enjoy eachother's company, Vesper drops a pretty big bomb. Date:...

(514-10-03) Only Slightly Better than a Stable Hand
Summary: Talfryn is invited to stay at House Newtone, potentially for a marriage match. He meets a...

(514-10-02) A Healer Rewarded With a Lecture
Summary: Lady Vesper sees to Steffan's wound again and ensures that it will recover fully, then in...

(514-09-29) Bedside Manners
Summary: Rowan visits his injured brother after he takes ill and meets Lady Vesper Date: 9/29/514 ...

(514-09-28) Laundry and Broken Betrothals
Summary: Bryn and Joachim discuss her broken betrothal - Vesper makes a scene. Date: 09-28-514 ...

(514-09-27) Killing With Kindness
Summary: Immediate aftermath of the battle where Steffan's wound gets treated, or so he thinks. ...

(514-09-26) Reckless Planning
Summary: Vesper meets Idris, and spills her guts. Date: 514-09-26 Related: None ...

(514-09-24) Dalliances and Consequences
Summary: After walking in on Vesper's improper behaviour with a stable boy, all hell breaks loose...

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