Jarred Allen (for now)
Jarred Allen (for now) as Uwain
Full Name: Uwain
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Tisbury
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse Height: 6'3"
Father: Father Weight: 216 lbs.
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Brown
Children: Children


Relatively unknown for a few reasons, Uwain Tisbury, son of the Lord, is a strange young man who has kept away from the majority of the world. The story goes, among the local common folk, that when he was twelve years old, he disappeared during an outing in the forests to the west of Tisbury. He'd been playing at swords with a childhood friend and then had run off after seeing a 'strange looking deer' he wanted to investigate. Hunters and hounds were used for nearly two full months before his father started to doubt that his boy still lived.

A season later, the boy returned. As if nothing had happened, unharmed, only a bit worse for the wear. But he was never the same after, an ordinary boy when he had left, he was ever haunted by what he would explain as spirits and various creatures of the woodlands. A knock in the hallway isn't a person come to deliver something, it's a goblin making mischief, a breeze is a nymph trying to lure him or the Faerie Queen sending a message abroad.

The marks that remind people of his time away? Some small chafing on his wrists, like he'd been in manacles, a mark on his forehead as if he'd banged his forehead, and a small burn on his neck.

As a knight he has always relied on his size, and has only really begun to fully master his limbs and make the best use of his strength and reach to his best advantage. It's just too awkward to be useful, yet, but he makes up for that with a tenacity in training, and has always done his best to be a useful member of the household.

As friends went in Tisbury Manor, those few he'd had when he was a boy were quick to return. Even though he was a bit strange, he was a friendly sort of strange and never used his strangeness to let him make anyone a victim or to allow him to cause another to be harmed.


Extremely observant of pagan beliefs, and tends to see the otherworldly in everything, which tends to make him seem a bit odd.

A very large young man, Uwain Tisbury has a symmetrical, muscular physique but rather plain face. Lately, the man has been keeping his hair short, cropped relatively close and parted to the side, a conservative look. His eyebrows are a matching dark brown, perhaps just a shade darker, and border on being thick, which fits with his youth. Uwain hasn't started growing in thick facial hair yet, but whatever is there is usually kept fairly well trimmed.

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