Trystan de Laverstock
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam as Lord Sir Trystan de Laverstock
Full Name: Lord Sir Trystan de Laverstock
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Laverstock
Class: Knight
Spouse: Unmarried Height: Height
Father: Father Weight: Weight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: No children



Looking to be somewhere in his mid twenties, this man stands at about 5'9", with a lithe, athletic build. Light brown hair falls down to about chin level, often back back behind the ears or somewhat more rarely tied back to keep it out of his face. Dark blue eyes somewhat contrast the color of his hair, but seems more fitting with the pale complexion of his skin. His lower facial features are covered by a neatly trimmed beard, cut short for the most part, though it is a bit thicker in the goatee area.

His attire is simple, comprised of a white long sleeved shirt, with ties around a v-neck with a tie run through it. His pants are dark animal leather and he wears a forest green tunic over the shirt. He wears a black leather belt around his waist, keeping the tunic and shirt cinched in. His boots are black and of fine quality, well made and clean.

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