Lily Collins
Lily Collins as Torlan Broughton
Full Name: Torlan Broughton
Age: 24
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Broughton
Class: Lady
Spouse: None Height: 5'1"
Father: Sir Harren Broughton Weight: 102
Mother: Enid Broughton Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Sister(22-23), Brother(Caerdin-21) Eye Color: Hazel-Green
Children: None


She was the first child of Sir Harren of Broughton and his wife Enid. Born in the year 489, young Torlan was a beautiful young girl who was the ride of her mother and father. A few years later a sister would follow, and then a few years after that her brother Caerdin would join their family.

Torlan was given the best of what could be provided and received an education which included reading and writing from a young age. Her mother was very adamant that her child and eventual children would be raised as British Christians, and Torlan perhaps had the most focus thrust upon her to follow the faith. She was the shadow of her mother and was raised to be so. Her parents had great expectations for their first child and at an early age showed signs of such.

Torlan was a charismatic child, a young girl who people could not help but wish to be around. She showed at a young age that she was a skilled negotiator, always getting that extra dessert or talking her way out of any trouble she might get herself into. It was almost magical to watch. When Torlan started speaking, everyone would stop and listen to what she had to say. She had an ability to capture an audience and persuade things to always work out in her favor.

More often than once she sat in on a council meeting of sorts and listened to the affairs and status of her Manor's lands. More often than not, she would have some sort of commentand tho it might seem out of place, she was never reprimanded. She had a charm and manner of speaking that simply entranced those who heard her.

As Torlan grew, she began to assist more in the daily running of the Manor and lands. Her ability to read and write helped her to manage such things quite easily and she found herself quite skilled in the art of making things run smoothly. Nobody dared question her word, and if they did, it did not take long for her to convince them that she was correct and that they simply had a brief moment of senselessness. She was a valuable asset to the Broughton Manor and took some burden off her mother and father in the daily running of things.

Eventually, she was named the Steward of Broughton Manor, it was more of a placement of title as she had been doing the job for a few years anyhow. It was a title she found great honor in, and was happy to assist her family and the Broughton lands.

However lately, she has grown a bit more restless. Her mother senses it too, and knows it is only a matter of time that Torlan seeks something else; something bigger. There is something special about the first child of Sir Harren and Enid Broughton; something that exhudes that she is destined for something greater. What that is, is not yet known. However, the little girl who grew up on the shores of the Test River, who all affectionately call: "The Golden Lark of Broughton", will find her role in the world, and the world will be better for it.


She walks a line of refined elegance and the unpredictable current of a river; her hair often worn to serve her mood or purpose. Those dark black locks sometimes dangle wildly, without any attempt to control them, past her shoulders and to the mid of her back; strands partially shielding her hazel-green eyes. However, more often than not it is pulled up and away from her face and styled in such a way that perhaps adds more status than she is entitled too. It is no secret, Torlan's beauty has been spoken of in numerous circles; yet it simply is not her visage, pert little nose and full pink lips. There seems to be a certain charisma that surrounds her, adding to her appearance.

Standing what could be determined to be just above the five- foot mark, the young woman before you has a physique that one could consider to be athletically agile. She wears a green dress with a modest neckline, just dipping enough to allow the sight of her silver religious necklace that hangs about her neck. The dress is more form fitting up top, though billows out after her waist to her green slippered feet. The dress itself is accentuated with silver embroidery at the seams along the sleeves. Around her waist is a crimson sash; adding the second color of House Broughton to her ensemble.

Upon her fingers, she wears no jewelry at all. However, if one looks closely, they might find the fading remnants of a careless left-hander's ink stain upon her finger tips or the outside of her hand.

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