Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy as Tomas de Idmiston
Full Name: Tomas de Idmiston
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Idmiston
Class: Knight
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 5'11"
Father: Lord Addison Weight: 133lbs.
Mother: Lady Meryn Hair Color: Dark
Siblings: Lady Charice - d. 512 Eye Color: Pale Blue
Children: None

"Your birth is a mistake you'll spend your whole life trying to correct."


Born to Lord Addison and Lady Meryn of Idmiston in October of the year 492. He was a beautiful child, although he suffered briefly from a sickness that affected his future health. Beyond this initial scare, he grew into a rather bouncing boy with a penchant for exploring the natural world away from the manor, and a fascination for birds (including birds of prey that his father was equally fond of.) He would mimic the songs of these birds he adored, discovering early a talent for singing. He was not a shy one in the slightest, and went out of his way to speak with (and sometimes pester) residents of the manor and his parents.

Lord Addison, being privately endeared with Andras de Chalke, father of Isyld de Chalke, would send young Tomas to squire under the man when he came of age to do so. There, he learned to fight with sword and perform his knightly duties. It is also where he met Isyld, where an attraction emerged between the two of them and yet it remained unexplored. However, it did not drive a wedge between the pair of them when it came to playing together in Tomas' spare time, ensuring a lasting friendship if anything.

Tomas had only one sibling, and although he spent the majority of his time away from the Idmiston estate, the times where he and Charice could see each other were filled with joy. She was one of the primary facets of happiness that filled the young boy's heart and a constant source of encouragement during his tribulations as a squire.

In the Fall of 512, Tomas was knighted by Earl Robert. This momentous achievement was overshadowed, however, by the coming winter. Charice caught of a fever that she could not break, and it took her away from Tomas and his parents in a rather heartbreaking turn of events. This singular moment in time shattered much of Tomas' previously bubbling personality, and while it did not detract from his oratory prowess and charming capabilities he fostered when he was little, it resulted in souring much of his everyday countenance.

This character is believed to be dead.
See Heavy Rain for details.


A youthful Cymric male with a shock of dark hair styled into an undercut. His features are very distinct, pale blue eyes striking the greatest amount of noticeable detail amidst high cheekbones and full lips. His build is more on the slender side, although musculature is not invisible, indicating a bit of deceitful strength.

Despite his handsome appearance, his health seems slightly detriment, resulting in a gauntness of the cheeks that only expounds upon the melancholy air that permeates the man.

Typical wear (barring riding, sport, or battle) is colors of the Idmiston heraldry: White wool undertunic and black wool chausses, coupled with a green-and-black striped overtunic cinched by a leather belt that is complemented by fine buckled boots of the same material.

The black cloak draped about his form is pinned by a bronze brooch styled as a soaring bird at the right shoulder as is proper, concealing an arming sword at his left hip. There do not appear to be any baubles or jewelry on his person.

Distinctive Features

  • Striking pale blue eyes
  • Dour countenance

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