Tamsin Egerton
Tamsin Egerton as Tamara de Chalke
Full Name: Tamara de Chalke
Age: 22
Culture: Culture
Religion: British Christian (Pagan Understanding/Curious)
Manor: Chalke
Class: Lady
Spouse: Unwed Height: 5'1
Father: Andras de Chalke Weight: 103
Mother: Irys de Chalke Hair Color: Pale Golden Blonde
Siblings: Kylan (Eldest)
William (Older)
Isyld (Younger)
Eye Color: Dark Cyan Blue
Children: None



A wash of pale gold hair crowns this young ladys head with a mass of curls that tumble heavily down her back and fights the braids that are used to keep silky strands from her face. Her face is lovely, a classical beauty of the time; arched cheekbones that are graced with the softest of blushes highlights large expressive blue on blue eyes, it is long sooty lashes that demurely flutter to shelter the keen window of the soul from most casual contact. Full lips hold a peach among roses hue that adds just that much color to the perfectly pale skin and are normally turned into a sweet welcoming smile.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sir Kylan de Chalke
kylan 2nd Eldest brother, now heir. (More to Come)

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