Antje Traue
Antje Traue as Talaith de Tisbury
Full Name: Talaith de Tisbury
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Tisbury
Class: Knight
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 5'9"
Father: Gareth de Tisbury Weight: 162 lbs
Mother: Tesni de Tisbury Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Siblings: Maelgwn & Creirwy Eye Color: Blue
Children: None



A fairly tall Cymric woman with a lean and lightly muscled build. That figure is part feminine curves and part lean muscle mass, paired with her above average height she cuts a fairly imposing and perhaps to some fairly attractive figure. Curls of a dark reddish brown spiral down to just past her shoulders. Thin brows have a gentle curve to them and sit over large bright blue eyes that are framed by thick dark lashes. Her face is somewhat angular in shape, her nose thin and pointed and her lips small and full. High cheekbones slope down to a sharply pointed chin and a long slender neck leads down to that lightly muscled and curvy form. She is often seen wearing either the gear of a knight or a light grey undertunic paired with a low cut dark green bliant and pale grey belt. Her feet are always covered by practical sturdy shoes or boots.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cerys de Tisbury
cerys Cousin
Maelgwn de Tisbury
maelgwn Older brother
Creirwy de Tisbury
creirwy Older sister

Recent Logs

(515-04-22) The Return of Lord Oxenwood
Summary: Lord Oxenwood returns and a duel is had! Where Talaith gets revenge on a smart-mouthed lord...

(515-04-21) Sickness And A Double Sparring Match
Summary: Bastien and Nerys both spar with Talaith, only one gets sick during their match . Date:...

(515-04-20) Laundry Time
Summary: Bradwyn visits Tisbury to congratulate Cerys on becoming Steward of the house, though...

(515-04-20) Frustrated Fox Hunt
Summary: A hunt for a fox turns into a day of frustration. Date: April 20, 515 Related: None ...

(515-04-18) The Ledgers of Winterbourne Stoke
Summary: The ledgers of Winterbourne Stoke are checked, a thief is uncovered, and things get ugly. ...

(515-04-17) A Relaxing Sparring Session
Summary: Talaith returns to Sarum and seeks out Bradwyn to let off some steam. Date: 515-04-17 ...

(515-04-16) Oxenwood Crisis
Summary: A group of knights respond to the trouble in the small manor of Oxenwood. Date: April 16,...

(515-04-15) Truth or Drink
Summary: Lisbeth starts an innocent game from home and realizes it doesn't work so well when...

(515-04-15) The Failed Virgin Ploy
Summary: On Easter Eve, a group of pagans go on a hunt, and find a Lesser Unicorn. Their methods to...

(515-04-14) April 515 Court
Summary: Robert calls court to discuss the past winter, how certain Houses faired, grant positions...

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