Siani (retired)
Bree Condon
Bree Condon as Siani
Full Name: Siani
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Wilton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Unmarried Height: Above average
Father: Alwyn Weight: Solid/Sturdy
Mother: Afon Hair Color: Auburn
Siblings: A few Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Siani was born a commoner, her father was a smith in Wilton while her mother works in the castle kitchens as a cook. She had one dream and that was to become a knight. Her mother and father scrimped and saved but they were unable to save enough to fulfill her dream. Still, it didn't stop her from using twigs and small branches as make believe weapons.

Upon her birthday, just when she was old enough to be a page, her father made her a wooden sword and told her to go play with the trees in the forest, using them as practice dummies. It happened Sir Earc's father chanced upon her with his retinue and he brought her into the fold, seeing something there that he had hope for. So, she became a page.

As she aged, she continued to get better and when it came time for her to squire, he decided she had enough potential to keep her on. And so she was well and truly on her journey to being a knight in her own right. Almost to the day of her 21st year, she was knighted and became in the employ as a house knight of Wilton. At her knighting, she was gifted with a lovely sword from her father, a strong sword, one of his best works.

Her build is a bit too tall and strong for her to be popular among the men, so she concentrates on her work and ignores the barbed words about her size and the question of her femininity. She's comfortable enough in her own skin, or she's good at pretending to be. One or the other.


Perhaps a little formidable in height, Siani towers over most women and some men. Standing at over five and a half feet and a bit bulked by her muscular build, she is not diminutive or slight in any way. 'Big boned' her mama calls her, she isn't in the slightest bit fat, just.. tall and stout.

Auburn hair frames an angular face that is a bit too square to be typically pretty though quite proportionate. Green eyes are framed by auburn lashes and a strong chin while plump lips sort of even out her features. Shoulders are a bit broad but she carries herself with a confidence and grace that is apparent in her movements, concise with nothing wasted.

A tunic of red with a leather strap lacing in front is worn over brown pants that are tucked into equally brown boots. All of the clothing has seen better days. A sword is carried at her hip, a sure sign of her status as a knight and at times she is wearing a chain mail or something similar, depending on the goings on. Otherwise, it's the same style of clothing without armor.

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