Jaimie Alexander
Jaimie Alexander as Sir Seraphina de Newton Tony
Full Name: Sir Seraphina de Newton Tony
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Newton Tony (Newentone)
Class: Knight
Spouse: Unwed Height: Above Average
Father: Gerralt de Newentone Weight: Ahem
Mother: Lynn de Newentone Hair Color: mahogany
Siblings: Glaw, Niamh, Dai Eye Color: deep brown, starburst of steel/amber
Children: None


Coat of Arms


As Seraphina is not a heir to the Newton Tony manor, her Coat of Arms is different from the mainline House Coat of Arms and sports three alterations: The spears have been moved firmer into the vert field, while the the crescent moon, in argent, has been added at the top left to signal her second rank in the line of succession as the oldest daughter of Sir Gerralt de Newentone, the current Lord of Newton Tony. A tree has been added in the right top corner to show the new growth and connection to the old ways.


A young woman, Seraphina bears the marks as a proud daughter of the earth. Dark, wavy hair and chocolate eyes give her narrow, triangular face warmth that suits her light, tanned complexion. Low, drawn brows give a perpetual serious expression that her slightly full mouth reinforces. A speckling of freckles and a beauty mark printed next to her nose lend character by imperfection. Hers is the sort of face and poise given to statues of law-giving saints on fine cathedrals.

She can't be mistaken as a wilting lily or daisy, though at 5'6", she stands taller than most of her peers. Conditioned by years of training leaves her muscular and compact, her legs and arms toned, with the only softness that of a womanly form. A quick eye can easily find proof of small scars and the callused hands of a warrior. Her movements tend to be steady and certain rather than quick, and she walks with a quiet deliberation.

The knight wears a chain mail hauberk that covers her torso in a shining wall of riveted rings. Its weight conforms to the general shape of her body, filled out by its underlying quilted cloth gambeson. The heavy coat broadens her shoulders and hips to give a larger stature than she otherwise has. Hardened leather plates reinforce her arms and shoulders, painstakingly sewn together to provide protection where possible.

Trousers dyed dull charcoal are supported by laced and knotted red garters, and thick leather boots rise over her calves, further tied down by scarlet straps for visual impact of the bloody shade on a midnight field. Her overtunic is a light, sleeveless thing woven with the device of Newton Tony in counterpane red on black, visibly re stitched and repaired by fine, neat stitches along the back where some kind of tear was taken. Leather gloves and a leather swordbelt add to the ensemble, and she only adds a helmet in combat, otherwise going bareheaded.

A cloak is worn when needed, a semicircular of dark black secured at her throat by a pin embossed with the badge of Newton Tony, and the hood lined in dark marten fur for cold weather.

On the Grid

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