Played By Terry Malham
Played By Terry Malham as Royan de Horton
Full Name: Royan de Horton
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Horton
Class: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 5'7"
Father: Lord Sir Roland de Horton Weight: 147 lbs.
Mother: Lady Alyson de Horton Hair Color: Ginger
Siblings: Lord Sir Branoc de Horton (NPC), Sir Niclas de Horton, Lady Lydia de Newton née Horton, Lady Enfys de Cholderton née Horton, Sir Wilhelm de Horton Eye Color: Bluish-gray
Children: None


Standing at above average height, this young man has clearly had some physical training based on how his attire gives a few glimpses here and there at the curves of at least some muscle. Placed on what most standards would classify as attractive, he is fair skinned, has bluish-gray eyes, and hair that has been sheered along the sides and back with a bit of length on the top.
Red and orange locks gives his hair and matching beard the look of polished bronze or copper. Typically he wears unadorned trousers with a short tunic of blue, cinched with a leather belt with a steel buckle. A pair of soft leather shoes and gloves complete the outfit. A cloak is worn when needed with an iron brooch decorated with the coat of arms of House Horton to secure it. When in armor, this man is garbed like a typical knight. (Size 14, App 13)

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