Rowan de Wylye
James Franco
James Franco as Rowan de Wylye
Full Name: Rowan de Wylye
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Wylye
Class: Knight
Spouse: Lady Amalthea de Wylye née de Dinton Height: 5'5"
Father: Sir Darren de Wylye Weight: 125 lbs.
Mother: Lady Gloriana de Wylye née de Bodenham Hair Color: Dark Auburn
Siblings: Steffan, one other (appable in 516) Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: None


Rowan was the first son born to Sir Darren de Wylye and Lady Gloriana de Wylye, born April 1st during the stormy night. Two younger brothers would follow suit in the year 493 and 495 respectively, and the three of them grew up extremely close and protective of each other. Whenever their father returned from the war front it was a grand celebration at the manse, and the family treasured what little time they had together.

Rowan, as expected of an eldest son, began to follow in his father's knightly footsteps and was squired under a close family friend in Year 509. He proved to be a well-rounded fighter who could adapt quickly in new situations and showed much promise. Unfortunately, shortly after attending his first tournament, his father would fall fighting in the Battle of Carlion. Rowan was made the Lord of Wylye far sooner than he wished to be, and would find himself with more responsibility than he could handle.

An accident at home in 512, which resulted in a terrible fire, left a handful of household servants dead and he himself with terrible burns on the upper half of his body. Since then he has grown more reclusive and self-conscious, appearing only in court when called upon, and keeping to his immediate family. He would compete in the same tournaments his brothers participated in, but he let them bask in the attention instead.

In 513 he was knighted at the conclusion of a tournament, with both of his brothers in attendance. The absence of his father was poignantly felt, but Rowan had no choice but to carry on. He continues to serve Wylye in the best ways he can.


Rowan is a young man of average height and athletic build. His unblemished complexion marks him as young, likely somewhere in his early twenties. Wavy auburn hair hangs over his long face and beneath his straight eyebrows are set a pair of expressive amber eyes which contrast sharply with his stoic countenance.

When he is not suited up in his armor, Rowan dons a knee-length woollen tunic dyed rich blue, trousers, a fur-lined cloak pinned with a griffon brooch, a leather belt and a pair leather turnshoes. When the weather calls for it, he is also clad in a waist-length jacket with a broad collar. His clothing is tailored more for comfort and functionality than festiveness, but each article is clearly of high quality.

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Known Associates

Amalthea de Wylye
amalthea My lovely and energetic wife. She can brighten my day with a mere smile.
Steffan de Wylye
steffan My younger brother and a newly minted knight. So diligent and studious, I fear he may forget that life is a fragile thing that ought to be lived.
Malcolm de Wylye
malcolm Sir Owen's eldest son. First cousin.
Rhaine de Wylye
rhaine Lady cousin.
Breaca de Wylye
breaca My intelligent cousin who helps my mother with running the manor when I'm off fighting for the Earl. She has a penchant for lecturing me but I know she means well.

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