Rickard de Burcombe
Joe Dempsie
Joe Dempsie as Rickard de Burcombe
Full Name: Rickard de Burcombe
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Burcombe
Class: Knight
Spouse: Single Height: 5'0"
Father: Sir Roaman de Burcombe Weight: 130 lbs
Mother: Lady Aelian de Burcombe Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Catryn de Burcombe, Caerwyn de Burcombe, Edwyn de Burcombe, Morag de Burcombe Eye Color: Blue
Children: None



This young man seems to be lacking a bit on stature, maybe a whole five feet tall if he stood up very straight, his build tending towards the slim side, though the musculature that still shows through attests to the idea that his time as a squire was not spent entirely on social graces. Dark hair kept close to his shoulders, and clinging to his face as a dark mask of a short-cropped beard, and blue eyes, the gaze of which often seem to linger on people, as if trying to see more than their outward appearance would belie.

At the moment, Rickard seems to be dressed for working out of doors, with a light poet's blouse under a vest crafted from heavy, dark cloth, and breeches made from similar dark material. Tanned boots lace up his calves almost to his knees, and leather bracer gloves missing their fingers cover his forearms.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Caerwyn de Burcombe
caerwyn Brother.
Catryn de Burcombe
catryn Sister.
Edwyn de Burcombe
edwyn Brother.
Maelgwyn de Burcombe
maelgwyn Cousin. Deceased.
Rozenn de Burcombe
rozenn Cousin.
Eirian de Burcombe
eirian Cousin.
Celyn de Burcombe
celyn Cousin
Morag de Burcombe
morag Half-sister.

Recent Logs

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Summary: Rickard and Morag try to retrieve Caerwyn, and wind up meeting someone unexpected. Date:...

(514-08-02) Hide and Sneak
Summary: Cailin hides from her sister, Rickard and her have conversation about.. stuff. Date:...

(514-06-06) Invasion of the Burcombe Family
Summary: Caerdin, Heulwen and Caerwen are having a nice time of it until more Burcombes arrive, as...


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