Sarah Gadon
Sarah Gadon as Rhaine de Wylye
Full Name: Rhaine de Wylye
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Wylye
Class: Knight
Spouse: Not Married Height: 4'9"
Father: Velcan (d.) Weight: 81 lbs
Mother: Fiona (d.) Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Sir Velcan de Wylye was a brave and honorable man, a knight, husband to Fiona de Wylye formerly of Cholderton, and father to his daughter Rhaine. Or he was until he was murdered by the Saxons when Rhaine was only two years of age. Fiona had been pregnant at the time but with the despair of losing her husband she succumbed to grief and when the baby was ready to be born neither he nor his mother survived the experience. This left Rhaine alone in the world before her life truly began. She was taken in as a ward by her uncle Sir Darren de Wylye and Lady Gloriana de Wylye. The couple had three sons of their own in time and Rhaine often felt like she was imposing on the family. This led to her trying her best to be useful, learning the arts of a lady and a knight both.

When Rhaine was ready to squire it was done under one of her aunts and the girl tried her best every day, feeling as though she had something to prove. She wanted to prove herself more than an orphan, stronger than a mere knight, tougher than most men. The fact that she was so striking in appearance and tiny had most people underestimating her. She trained hard with both weapon and lance but her true skills lay in words and convincing others. Rhaine was good at using both words and song to convince and sway other people. She was polite and yet she could be very proud. She hated feeling useless or like she lacked worth or independence. She rebelled against the idea of marriage fearing she would become just a pretty face with only as much value as he husband believed she had. Still as she hit her twenties and got knighted she realized it would happen eventually. She would eventually have to settle down but at the moment her quest for glory and fame is her main priority.



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