Chris Evans
Chris Evans as Quillian de Broughton - The Blackfish
Full Name: Quillian de Broughton - The Blackfish
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Sarum
Class: Knight
Spouse: Betrothed to: Ravenna de Woodford Height: [5'11]
Father: Sir Ban de Broughton (NPC - Dead) Weight: [Athletic]
Mother: Alais de Winterbourne Gunnet Hair Color: [Black]
Siblings: Two Younger sisters Eye Color: [Grey]
Children: None


Sir Quillian De Broughton, known as the Blackfish of Broughton is a colourful enough character one might find in Robert's court. Brave and reckless, the knight has earned his black reputation given the vengeance enacted on enemies not only of Robert de Salisbury, but that of his house. He is most famously remembered for riding across the battlefield after being knighted to kill a knight during the battle of Terrabil, that had made a go at the Earl. Ever loyal, and perhaps with a dark sense of humor, he serves Robert faithfully, only as a knight can.

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Recent Logs

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