Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis as Padrig de Laverstock
Full Name: Padrig de Laverstock
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Laverstock
Class: Knight
Spouse: N/A Height: 6'0"
Father: Nameless Dad Weight: 175lbs.
Mother: Nameless Mum Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Sir Trystan de Laverstock Eye Color: Brown
Children: HAHAHA no.


Whether it is a defect from a tumultuous birth, or perhaps the culmination of a childhood of bullying on top of a pretty tepid and unimpressive round as a squire, Padrig has grown to be a rather insouciant and sybaritic young man. Never fond of being called lazy, he tends to his duties with as much vim and vigour as his more upright counterpart (Trystan), but often with gritted teeth and a slowly simmering resentment. He is not overfond of his family, finding his older brother to be a "foppish ponce" and his younger sister as empty-headed as a goat. (When he is drinking, he often refers to her non-existent 'beard,' although this is not necessarily in reference to the hair on her face. He is a terrible man.)

Thankfully for this poor pissant, he was sent away to squire under a rather dour knight by the name of Sir Catmail de Winchester, who was just about as full of himself as his name could signify. His form of education involved a lot of corporal punishment and use of derogatory words, many of which poor Padrig hadn't even learned until he was sent away (SOLD OFF!). Thankfully, he did learn to use his sword and ride a horse and do all of that grand stuff until he turned the ripe old age of 21 and VOILA! He became a knight. It was not a grand thing, but rather the result of complete and total resignation; Sir Catmail had had quite enough of Paddy.

Now calling Laverstock lands his home again, Padrig devotes most of his time to fucking around as much as possible while also putting in the bare minimum of required hours to maintain status as one of his brother's knights.


Seventy inches of chiseled, hard muscle and a cocky grin leave a lasting impression on the right mind, and don't worry, no one will judge. Padraig's clothes tend to leave a minimal impression, a blessing given how little time he bothers with them. A dull brown tunic does wonders to show off his broad torso on account of being a size too small and generously mended across the sleeves to repair a chronic and habitual hazard of being run through by arrows and swords. Seasons of thread in various colours build up in an impressive and unintentional show of slapdash needlework elaborate enough to make a snake cross-eyed. The Laverstock badge outlined over his chest disappears by compare. The narrow cruciform slit cut down the front he rarely bothers to lace up. Dun trousers and travelworn boots accentuate the legs of a runner, or a raptor, the distinction being purely semantic. His leather sword belts are utterly forgettable, winding around his waist and supporting a gamut of killing tools changed according to need. Last is that glorious cloak, a punchy russet wool bag wrangled into place by a fat broach of a rearing griffon — at least, that's the intent, though it rather looks like a tomcat carved by an artisan with a dubious grasp of proportions and the functions of legs or beaks.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sir Trystan the Git
trystan He's my brother, but he's got his head so far up his butt that I don't even recognize him anymore.
Sir Arian the Tepid
arian Although she is but a cousin, I look upon her like the sister I never had. Er, the second sister I never had.
Sir Elrick the Wannabe
elrick He has done some damn fool things in life, but he is family nonetheless. I am here for him always.
Eirian the New One
eirian Sweet enough, and has done nothing to earn my ire. She'll keep.
Sir Lainn the Stoner
lainn I had no idea he could even get so angry. Who knew he had an emotions??

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