Tom Weston-Jones
Tom Weston-Jones as Owyn
Full Name: Owyn
Age: 21
Culture: Cyrmic
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Tisbury
Class: Priest
Spouse: - Height: 5'5"
Father: Mercher de Steeple Langford Weight: 120
Mother: Bethys de Tisbury Hair Color: Dark Blond
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: -

Character Information

Tall and well built is he with that classic look to his rugged tanned features. Dark blond hair bordering on brown is kept short to his shoulders. Eyes of blue are set below strong brows, while a nose that shows a history of being broken a few times, sits above full lips. His square face and strong jaw is softened by a cleft in his chin, and hints of dimples at his cheeks when he smiles. The beginning of crow's feet are found at the corner of his eyes, more than likely caused by laughter as from squinting against the sun.

He wears simple clothing most of the time; leather pants of dark brown paired with a tunic of green and black. Well made, showing he is no mere commoner. When weather calls for such, a cloak in brown and green edged with black is worn. Upon the belt at his waist might be pouches and dagger, while well made leather boots are found upon his feet.

Known Associates

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