Hugh Dancy
Hugh Dancy as Niclas de Horton
Full Name: Niclas de Horton
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Horton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Flying the Single Flag Height: 5'11"
Father: Rolant de Horton (d: 507) Weight: 175 lbs
Mother: Alyson de Horton Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Wilhelm/Lydia … Eye Color: Blue Green
Children: None Yet



On the Grid

Known Associates

Branoc de Horton
branoc Oldest brother, head of house. Father of my favorite nephew.
Little Brother
wilhelm Not so little, but always will be.
Little Sister
lydia One of my favorite siblings, along with Wilhelm.

Recent Logs

(514-09-19) Personal Hells
Summary: Niclas tries to snap Wilhelm out of his deep melancholy - and things only get worse and...

(514-09-17) Something About A Manswood
Summary: Niclas and Siani have quick, successful round 4's in the joust Date: 09-17-514 Related:...

(514-09-16) Famous to One
Summary: Iwan, Siani and Niclas all compete against their respective opponents. There's some...

(514-09-15) Luck Of The Hortons
Summary: Nic meets his round 2 joust competitor Date: 09-15-514 Related: Summer Tourney ...

(514-09-14) Sarum Summer Tourney Jousting Round 1
Summary: Knights face off in the first round of the joust Date: 9-14-514 Related: Sarum...

(514-09-12) Stormy Weathers
Summary: Cariste, Wilhelm, Niclas and Mari cross paths in Upavon in the rain. Date: September 12,...

(514-08-17) Siege of Red Castle
Summary: Logres forces close on Red Castle where King Belinans has...

(514-08-17) Grand Theft Heifer
Summary: What happens when two Bodenhams decide to steal a god-cow. Date: 514-08-17 Related:...


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