Kaya Scodelario
Kaya Scodelario as Lady Niamh of Newton Tony
Full Name: Lady Niamh of Newton Tony
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Newton Tony
Class: Lady
Spouse: Spouse Height: Height
Father: Father Weight: Weight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: Children

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Father: Gerralt (465- ) Knighted: 485, married: 488
Mother: Lynn (468- )
Twin (Glaw): (492- )
Niamh: (492- )

Born less than an hour after her elder brother. Force of personality, even when young. Wild child who insisted on following her brother around as much as she could (she got hurt a lot). Never, ever slowed down. She didn't foster anywhere and was kept closer to home than she might have been otherwise, her beauty giving her parents some small cause for concern. That she developed into quite the flirt as she grew up did not help matters much, and her parents despair at times about finding a suitable match for her. She is very naturally a leader of men; the manor's people are very fond of her, and she has always had a very strong talent for finding the right words to motivate people. She's seen their men off for several conflicts in a row now, and she always sends them away glowing with pride and confidence. Pretty, pretty speeches.

These days she assists her mother in the day to day operations of the manor, given that her mother is starting to slow down some. Her parents have again started talking about a match for her, and she's continuing to ignore them. She's more interested in following her brother around and taking care of the family she already has.


Warm, dark brown hair is a tumble of curls down to the middle of this young woman's back, dark green ribbons woven in through them to keep the wild mess back and out of her face. Pale skin has just enough pink to it to give the impression of good health, the splatter of freckles across her nose and cheeks light, but present. Her eyes are a pale blue sort of grey and framed by generous lashes and so very expressive, every emotion that passes through her crossing over her face in that gaze. She's just a little bit over 5'0" in height, slender in the waist with gentle curves in the thigh and a square set to her shoulders. Enough youth lingers in her face to make it clear that she's probably only in her early twenties.

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