Leelee Sobieski
Leelee Sobieski as Nerys de Falt nee Bishopstone
Full Name: Nerys de Falt nee Bishopstone
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Falt
Class: Knight
Spouse: Sir Bastien de Falt Height: 5'10"
Father: Sir Alibron de Bishopstone Weight: 134lbs
Mother: Matide de Bishopstone Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Sir Seriol de Bishopstone, Bartimaeus de Bishopstone, Sir Dillion de Bishopstone Eye Color: Blue
Children: None



Tall and athletic, this woman only makes a single concession to her gender in the fact that her blonde hair remains long, and carefully braided most of the time, ready to be tucked beneath a helmet. Her features are delicate in an oval face, brows high and arched, cheekbones high and pronounced and her skin a pale tan color. She's dressed in a simple, yet elegant, tunic that has been cut for her frame and to be worn beneath her armor. Her breeches are well worn, showing the signs of use and tucked into the tops of her boots. Around her waist is a belt that has a sword hanging from her right hip, and a dagger from her left.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Seriol de Bishopstone
seriol Seriol is both the head of the house, and her other brother. A noble knight that she whose reputation she has tried to live up to.

Recent Logs

(515-04-21) Sickness And A Double Sparring Match
Summary: Bastien and Nerys both spar with Talaith, only one gets sick during their match . Date:...

(515-04-16) Oxenwood Crisis
Summary: A group of knights respond to the trouble in the small manor of Oxenwood. Date: April 16,...

(515-04-05) A Wedding Hunt
Summary: The hunt celebrating the wedding of Nerys and Bastien Date: 04/05/515 Related:...

(515-02-20) Pre-Conceived Arrangements
Summary: Nerys comes to visit the knight she squired under, and learns of arrangements between...

(514-05-22) Joust Finals
Summary: Nerys Competes Date: May 22, 514 Related: Wedding tourney joust round 4 ...

(514-05-21) Wilton gets Owned
Summary: Nerys owns Lord Knight Earc de Wilton Date: May 21, 514 Related: Wedding tourney joust...

(514-05-21) Performance Tourney
Summary: Two men challenge each other for the title of Performance Tourney...

(514-05-20) Nerys' Joust
Summary: Nerys takes on another Knight in a joust. Date: May of the year 514. Related: None ...

(514-05-20) Laverstocks All Around
Summary: More Personal Challenges, most of them involving Laverstocks. Date: May 20, 514 ...


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