Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman as Nalia de Durnford
Full Name: Nalia de Durnford
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Durnford
Class: Lady
Spouse: Unwed Height: 5'0"
Father: Owain de Durnford Weight: 113 lbs
Mother: Dwynwen de Durnford Hair Color: Dark Golden Redish-Brown
Siblings: Cynrain (Older Brother) & Selivant (Eldest Brother) Eye Color: Steel Grey
Children: None


Nalia is the only daughter of the Durnford direct line, but that does not stop the spirited (some say reckless) lady for doing those things she loves. Nature, Horses, and Falconry are on top of the list. (If anyone might like to make past or present connections because of this please feel free to +mail or page Nalia)


  • A beauty of her time, one among many, but her beauty seems to come from a thirst for life and a reckless spirit that embrace those around her.
  • Manor Durnford is known for Horses and Lady Nalia is known to run alot of the coming and goings within the stables.
  • More to Come.


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