Rhona Mitra
Rhona Mitra as Myfanwy de Falt (nee Cholderton)
Full Name: Myfanwy de Falt (nee Cholderton)
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Cholderton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Married to Custennin de Falt Height: 5'9"
Father: Deceased Weight: 130lbs
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Arta, Loghaire Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: Eirian de Falt (b. 515- )



Myfanwy is a pagan knight married to a Roman Christian Lord - how could anything go wrong? She has a powerful hatred for the Saxons and has even been known to use such unknightly weapons as the bow.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Custennin de Falt
custennin My husband. A giant of a man…and he's also quite tall…and not one I would have expected to wed but he is charming, has a good heart and his amor is undoubted. Though I believe he had help with the courting…
Leodwen de Falt
leodwen My sister-in-law and, alas, a widow. Perhaps she can help me understand this marriage life. Hopefully the Falt curse will not mean she has to teach me to be a widow as well.
Eirian de Falt
Eirian My beautiful daughter. Healthy…and ravenous. She has her father's appetite and her mother's eyes.

Recent Logs

(514-10-06) Archery Lesson
Summary: An Archery Lesson Between Cousins Date: (514-10-06) Related: None Though...

(514-09-27) Killing With Kindness
Summary: Immediate aftermath of the battle where Steffan's wound gets treated, or so he thinks. ...

(514-09-23) Autumn Equinox Wedding
Summary: During the Autumn Equinox celebration at Cholderton, Yorrick and Enfys are married in a...

(514-08-02) Of Falts and Matches
Summary: Leodwen receives some rather thought-provoking news on her visit to her home, Falt Manor. ...

(514-05-21) Further Falt Fighting For Fun
Summary: Collated efforts for the combative Falts active at the wedding tourney Date: 514-05-21 ...

(514-05-18) de Falt Falters
Summary: A trio of de Falt participate in the opening phases of the grand Wedding Tourney at Carlion...


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