Morag de Burcombe
Jessica Brown Findlay
Jessica Brown Findlay as Morag de Burcombe
Full Name: Morag de Burcombe
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Burcombe
Class: Priestess
Spouse: None Height: 5'2"
Father: Roaman de Burcombe Weight: 110 lbs
Mother: Annora of Burcombe Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Catryn, Caerwyn, Rickard, Edwyn Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Morag is the illegitimate daughter of Sir Roaman de Burcombe, the product of his union during a Great Rite of Beltaine with a pagan priestess. Her early childhood was spent amongst the pagan priesthood, until the age of six when Roaman paid a visit and demanded his rights as her father. Morag's mother insisted she too was destined to be a priestess and could not be given up to him because she needed to undergo training, but eventually an agreement was reached. From that age onward, she spent alternating seasons training with her mother and with her father's family. Despite the fact that she was illegitimate, she was welcomed by the family, and if Lady Aelian begrudged her presence, she made a point of not making it apparent. The family frequently refers to her a Burcombe, even though she was not born into the family name.

As she grew older, her talent for healing became more apparent, and both of her parents noticed. Within the priesthood she learned the natural ways of healing, and Roaman made sure that she was able to observe and study the practices of the local chirugeon. When she was finally old enough, she was initiated as a priestess of the old gods, and chose to return to her father's manor to serve the family as a priestess and healer.


A young woman in her early twenties, Morag is pretty, though not remarkably so. Her features are notably those of the Burcombe family; her long hair reaches down to her waist, the dark brown color of it almost, but not quite deep enough to be truly black. She usually wears it loose or pulled back in a servicable braid, and often has flowers woven in, or cloth band to keep it out of her face. Her face is gently oval in shape, with a pair of bright blue eyes, a slightly snub nose and a generous mouth. Her voice is a gentle alto, almost throaty in timbre.

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