Lotte Verbeek
Lotte Verbeek as Melusine de Stapleford
Full Name: Melusine de Stapleford
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Stapleford
Class: Lady
Spouse: None Height: 5'2"
Father: Barrett de Stapleford Weight: 135
Mother: Chantal de Stapleford (ne Woodford) Hair Color: Light Auburn
Siblings: Gideon de Stapleford
Claire de Stapleford
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Death Knows No Fear.

As the eldest of the Stapleford daughters, Melusine grew up with the family motto at the foremost of her teachings. She was a boisterous and adventuresome child, attached to the cloak of her older brother Gideon from the moment she was able to walk. Once she could run, she still kept at his heels, though standing on her own and rarely asking for aid from the adults that surrounded them. Where he went, she went as well, and retained her stubbornness well into her youth.

She learned swordplay when Gideon did, how to handle a horse when her brother did, and how to work with hawks and falcons for hunting as he did. When she was finally old enough to begin the proper training of a Lady, and discovered that her brother was going to be taken into the wild with their Uncle Gore to begin his own training - she threw more than her share of a temper. Melusine had always been an intelligent child, and was up till all hours of the night in conversation with her grandmother and mother, Ladies Ducibella and Chantal respectively, as to why she should be allowed to learn the same skills as her sibling.

With her younger sister Claire already under their heels, her Aunt Diana finally proposed a middle ground - allow Melusine to spend three seasons out in the wilds with Gideon and Gore, and see how she fared. The hope was that Melusine would see her error and be returned home for proper training.

Quite the opposite occurred, though - young Melusine stayed the whole of the three seasons with her uncle and brother, returning in the winter with a new attitude about her. Her once loud nature had been tempered to a quiet, observant one. Her inclination to argue had faded to an even, conversational tone. Once at home, she began her Lady lessons with fervor, her energy never dwindling for the season. When spring returned once more, and her uncle prepared to leave with Gideon, Melusine was allowed once more to accompany them.

She spent another three seasons in the wild, returning for her winter lessons, and when the next year came, she and her female relations struck a new bargain - Melusine would stay at home, and practice her lessons learned from Gore there, as well as work on becoming a Lady. When her Aunt Diana would venture out onto the land to visit her husband, Melusine would be allowed to come and hunt with them.

The arrangement continued until Melusine hit her 19th year, when she chose to remain at home. She has kept up her skills with sword, horse, and falconry. She has also become something of a seneschal for the Stapleford manor, assisting her grandmother and mother in running the household. It has become a rumor in the house that she is always amongst the shadows, as her usual choice of dress is in greys, greens, and blacks. To see her in any kind of colorful garb is a rare, if unheard of occurrence - besides, what would be the practicality in that?


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