// as Mari de Woodborough//
Full Name: Mari de Woodborough
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Woodborough
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse Height: Height
Father: Cadoc de Woodborough Weight: ?
Mother: Beca de Woodborough nee Roundway Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Several, older and younger Eye Color: Blue-Green/Aquamarine
Children: Children

Just the Facts

The only thing that matters is..


It's all in the details.

A Moment, A Day, A Lifetime

Some people come into your life

Just to teach you how to let go…

And So it Begins

(514-10-02) Your Sister The Enigma
Summary: Sir Mari Woodborough travels to Shrewton to meet with the new Lord of Shrewton, Arngeir....

(514-09-19) Personal Hells
Summary: Niclas tries to snap Wilhelm out of his deep melancholy - and things only get worse and...

(514-09-15) Luck Of The Hortons
Summary: Nic meets his round 2 joust competitor Date: 09-15-514 Related: Summer Tourney ...

(514-09-14) Sarum Summer Tourney Jousting Round 1
Summary: Knights face off in the first round of the joust Date: 9-14-514 Related: Sarum...

(514-09-12) Stormy Weathers
Summary: Cariste, Wilhelm, Niclas and Mari cross paths in Upavon in the rain. Date: September 12,...

(514-08-17) Siege of Red Castle
Summary: Logres forces close on Red Castle where King Belinans has...

(514-08-17) Grand Theft Heifer
Summary: What happens when two Bodenhams decide to steal a god-cow. Date: 514-08-17 Related:...

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