Played By Joe Mangeillo
Played By Joe Mangeillo as Sir Malcolm de Wylye
Full Name: Sir Malcolm de Wylye
Age: 24
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Wylye
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse N/A Height: Height [6'0]
Father: Father Owen Weight: Weight [Good?]
Mother: Mother [Gwynedd] de Tisbury Hair Color: Hair Color [Peppered]
Siblings: Siblings [N/A] Eye Color: Eye Color [Grey]
Children: Children [N/A]


Sir Malcolm de Wylye is the cousin to Rowan de Wylye and a knight in Robert's service. He was born around Yule, twenty four years ago to Sir Owen ap Owen de Wylye, brother to Lord Sir Darren.

Malcolm however would not know his father who died fighting alongside The Pendragon when he was young. Instead he was fostered by Darren and squired by the man until he was knighted at age 19. There he rode as retinue to his christian uncle until the man's death at Netley marsh. It was there Malcolm also almost perished if it was not for the act of a British monk who pulled him from amongst the dead, and saw him nursed to life. As such he came to salvation before returning home. Unable to look his cousin in the eye, he served as a messanger in Robert's Court often delivering missives to vassals and allies, and serving the earl's intrigues as needed. (Some say he makes for a fine duelist) Most recently he has been amongst the bounds, hounding bandits and poachers. Though with his Cousin taking the reigns it makes sense that suddenly Malcolm is making him more useful of a piece instead of useless.



Former Courier for Robert
Former Pagan
Hunter of poachers


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