Artwork as Maelgwn de Tisbury
Full Name: Maelgwn de Tisbury
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Tisbury
Class: Knight
Spouse: Erylys de Tisbury nee Berwick St. James Height: 6'6"
Father: Gareth de Tisbury Weight: 215
Mother: Tesni de Tisbury Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Creirwy & Talaith Eye Color: Dark, almost Black
Children: None


Maelgwn was born into shame. His grandfather's treason- and subsequent beheading something the young man could never escape. In a family as close as Tisbury, this could make things difficult- to be branded by previous generations, however, is not so abnormal. As such, he became close to those directly related to him- his siblings. Protective.

In his youth, Maelgwn was an adventurous sort- often going into the family forests with little more than a dagger to protect himself. It was on one of these outings that he was attacked by bear, who's claws did great damage to the young man's face. He was certain he would die- praying to Abnoba as he fell, fear overtaking the young man. He heard a cry- a wolf's howl- and although he was weak from pain and blood loss, to this day he swears a white wolf saved him.

Maelgwn survived that attack- although his face was horribly scarred- wounds that are obvious even now on his face. However, it didn't stop the young man from growing large and strong as time went by. He squired to Berwick St. James, Under Sir Dyaeron- the former head of the household. His time as a squire went easily enough- the young man learning well from the more experienced knight. After his time as a squire he was called to duty for Earl Robert- spending the next few years largely away from home in duty to his Lord. His skills on horseback, with his blade and lance all formed the better here in the forge of battle.

Now, however, he has been allowed time to return to Tisbury- where he plans to show his cousins how the past has no meaning, that the honor of his line is true, despite the actions of his traitorous grandfather.


Maelgwn de Tilsbury is a bear of a man- tall, broad of shoulders and barrel chested all. His eyes are dark, almost black, and his face is roughly scarred on the right side- impossible to miss. Jagged and ugly, these scars dominate his features- they are not the ruggedly handsome type of scars by any means. The scars crisscross like a lattice, perhaps the claws or teeth of some animal. The left side of that face shows, perhaps, what could have been- strong features, bold and expressive. His hair is kept short, nearly shaved to his head in stark ebony.

To say that Maelgwyn is large is an understatement- he stands six and a half feet tall, with wide shoulders that move into a strong frame of broadness and strength. He wears the clothes typical a knight- wool, in black and green, the colors of his house. On one hip his blade is strapped- never without his sword, as any true knight.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cerys de Tisbury
cerys Cousin.
Creirwy de Tisbury
creirwy Little Sister.
Talaith de Tisbury
talaith Little Sister.

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