Lydia de Newton
Claire Holt
Claire Holt as Lydia de Newton (née Horton)
Full Name: Lydia de Newton (née Horton)
Age: 23
Culture: Cyrmic
Religion: Roman Christian (convert)
Manor: Horton
Class: Lady
Spouse: Joachim de Newton Height: 5'0"
Father: Roland de Horton Weight: 100 lbs.
Mother: Alyson de Horton Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Branoc de Horton, Niclas de Horton,Enfys de Horton, Wilhelm de Horton Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Lydia is the thirdborn child of Sir Rolant and his wife, Lady Alyson. There was some concern as to whether she might live during her early years, as she was sickly, and did not speak as quickly as many children often do. But in time she seemed to thrive, and when she finally did start to speak, it was in full sentences, and full of surprising observations regarding the world and people around her. Growing up, she remained a quiet child, and Sir Rolant in particular was fond of indulging in bringing her items to cultivate her mind; new books and games from his travels, often calling her his "Little Owl". But far more often she seemed her mother's daughter, spending most of her time with Alyson and learning not only the ladies' arts, but the way in which the world (and the people within it) moved around her.

But Lydia still adored her father, and when he was killed, she was devastated. Her hatred of the Saxons, always strong as might expect for someone raised in a family that guards a border, rose to new heights, to the point where she has vowed that she would rather kill every woman and child in the household and then herself if they ever seemed likely to be taken captive by the Saxons. How exactly she'd manage this isn't clear, but Lydia's quite adamant about it.

Less a manipulator than an observer, Lydia loves to watch people. While she is not shy, she is quiet, and tries to avoid opening her mouth unless what she has to say has some weight to it. She certainly prefers more indoor activities than outdoor, though Wilhelm has managed to engage her in his love of falconry. She enjoys learning new things but is something of a dilettante, flitting from one skill or topic of knowledge to another. Her most prominent domestic skill is weaving, though she has yet to truly become adept at it. She is also quite fond of her nephew, Branoc's son and heir, happy to play with him at the behest of either parent when necessary.


Lydia is small woman, barely making it to five feet tall by the merest breath. She has beautiful hair, blonde and slightly curling that falls to the small of her back. Her eyes are the blue of ocean meeting sky, but as she has never seen the ocean, the comparison might not do much for her. It's just as well; Lydia can imagine. Calling it a snub of a nose isn't entirely true, but it is rather small and set above a mouth that despite seeming to have a naturally downward turn at the corners, upturns again just as readily and reveals the fullness of her lips. Her skin has smooth creaminess to it that suggests she favors staying indoors, but she seems quite healthy of body, if quiet of temperament.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sir Branoc de Horton, Head of House
branoc Naturally Lydia loves her eldest brother, and is sure of his love for her. But he is also the head of the manor, and as such his attention is devoted to many other things, not the least of which are his own wife and child. She keeps a careful balance when it comes to Branoc; remaining out of the way to avoid being an irritant, but also being alert and present on those occasions when he chooses to seek the council of his watchful sister. Lydia knows that if she stays in his good graces, he is more likely to indulge her wishes when it comes to future marriage prospects for the good of the House.
Lady Alyson de Horton
alyson Lydia's mother is a regal woman who only wants the best for her children. Highly intelligent,, quietly ambitious, and keenly observant, she remains a strong influence on her daughter.
Sir Niclas de Horton
niclas Second oldest brother.
Lady Enfys de Horton
enfys Younger sister. Lydia is very protective of her.
Sir Wilhelm de Horton
wilhelm Youngest brother. Lydia is quite close to him.

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