David Wenham
David Wenham as Loghaire de Cholderton
Full Name: Loghaire de Cholderton
Age: 24
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Cholderton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse Height: Height
Father: Cynwrig Weight: Weight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: Children


Loghaire was born the first son to Cynwrig, the previous lord of the modest manor of Cholderton. He only knew his father for a brief period of time as a child, before he took ill and passed, leaving Loghaire with just his mother and uncles to raise him, and the latter were often afar, serving the kingdom as typical knights should. Loghaire's mother followed the old ways, and something about the ancient mysticisms and legends spoke to the young lordling's heart. Gods, heroes, and the terrible and beautiful creatures that dwelled in the deep corners of Britain's untouched wilderness captured his imagination, yet not his fear. He found himself spending much less time in the local chapel as he grew, and more listening to the tales of the local druid in his circle, following the old man into the woods to collect herbs, and later on, venturing deep into the untouched parts for days at a time, hunting and exploring. As many sons of knights, Loghaire took to his training at a young age, practicing blade, lance, and mastery with the horse in the yards of his modest manor with his father's old second. His skill and practice grew exemplary, yet he slipped away into the woods when it came time to learn courtly behavior and stewardship, much to his mother's dismay.

As he grew into a man, he had become quite popular around the manor, and in the surrounding villages. His demeanor is easygoing, he is less likely to put on airs than the most untested of squires, and he treats his people well. The green of his surcoat became a common sight as he exits from the woods, large game animals strapped to his horse. His knighting is a great source of pride for his family, though he acts the same as he always does. He has slowly become to come around now that he has come of age and the responsibility of the manor is well and truly his, though even he can't resist the call of the deep woods for too long. Luckily, he has some people he can trust back home.


Blonde hair the color of autumn leaves frame this man's face, tumbling haphazardly wherever they might fall, the bottom of the strands just brushing his shoulders when he turns his head. Though pale, his face has a youthful color to it, though it is starting to become weathered by travel and scarring across his right cheek, the thin shape of it of an indeterminable cause at a glace. His jaw is strong, his nose pronounced, a long-healed break noticeable along the bridge. His jaw is strong and covered in a light golden stubble, a slight cleft to his chin. His shoulders are broad and straight, though his posture often edges towards relaxed, unassertive. Though taller than average, he doesn't quite impose his presence as others might, a languid air about him. Despite that, his body is clearly trained, healthy, and strong in appearance.

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