Ben Foster
Ben Foster as Llwyd de Cholderton
Full Name: Llwyd de Cholderton
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian (light - pagan family)
Manor: Cholderton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse Height: Height
Father: Father Weight: Weight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: Children



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Recent Logs

(514-09-14) A pagan goodbye
Summary: A burial to Llwyd de Cholderton. Date: 14th of September Related: Battle of the Severn...

(514-08-15) Battle Of Severn Valley
Summary: Norgales Date: 08.15.514 Related: None This is near the hills of...

(514-05-13) Scouting for Saxons
Summary: A group comes upon some Saxons! Killing ensues. Date: 05-13-514 Related: None) ...

(514-05-01) Beltaine: Of Summer and Winter
Summary: The Pagans and some Christians gather at Yarnbury to witness the great Battle of Summer...

(514-04-10) A Morning Hunt
Summary: Knights of Sarum go out on a hunt, a competition to bring in the best prey they can! Their...


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