Lily James
Lily James as Leodwen de Falt
Full Name: Leodwen de Falt
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Falt
Class: Lady
Spouse: Betrothed to Ailil de Broughton Height: 5'3"
Father: Sir Rhun de Falt Weight: 110 lbs
Mother: Lady Rhiannon de Falt Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Sir Custennin, Lady Tegan de Bodenham Eye Color: Brown
Children: None

Young widow, skilled healer and auxilliary lady-in-waiting to Countess Esyte de Salisbury


Born as child to Sir Rhun de Falt and his wife Lady Rhiannon on January 21st in the year 491, Leodwen is the eldest surviving child and has never been really of a particularly martial disposition. The blonde girl leaned more towards the ladylike skills, and given the curse of the family, of a rather brief lifespan of male heirs and heads of the manor, she soon turned towards the healing arts; especially since she has a brother, two years younger than she, the heir, and everyone seemed rather anxious he would die an untimely death. Their father, Sir Rhun, died first though, when she was fourteen years old and his bloodloss, the consequence of a skirmish, proved to be too massive to save him; this an occurance that left a deep impression on young Leodwen. When three years later her own brother Custennin - still a squire back then - got severely injured by a Saxon axe fighter, this increased once again the family's awareness of the curse of Falt Manor (which is indeed just a case of really bad luck that has pursued the family and its ancestors till the persent day); even if the wounds were not lethal they left visible scars on Custennin.

Leodwen would have expected to stay at Falt Manor and to tend to the family members and other knights there, still, her uncle, the man in charge before Custennin would come off age, Sir Cadogan de Falt, chose to marry her off to a nephew of the Lord Knight of Chalke Manor. Sir Dafydd was a man three years her senior, and even if 'just' a cousin to the main line, this knight was very promising, blessed with intelligence and already in talks to take over an office at the court of Earl Robert. The wedding was held in fall of the year 512. The marriage barely lasted a year and was not graced with any children. Sir Dafydd often accompanied the heir of Chalke Manor, and it was on one of their excursions in summer 513 to the nearby woods that Leodwen's husband was killed, in a skirmish with Saxons. Which made her a very young widow, at the age of twenty-two.

Little is known of the marriage, but it seems Leodwen got along well with Dafydd. She had somewhat settled in, even if the slight difference in the traditions of their faith were sometimes the topic of discussion. Still, without any children that would have linked her to the Chalkes and made her stay there, Leodwen decided to return to her own family, especially since her brother Custennin was nearing the point of his knighting.

Leodwen and her little brother Custennin couldn't be more different, she the comely young slender blonde maiden of rather energetic personality, while he towers over her, a big beast of a man of rather appalling looks, still, they get along nicely. The death of their father that oocurred when they were still very young has made them grow closer, and if Custennin gets injured nowadays it will most often be his own sister that patches him back up. While her mother Rhiannon might be intent on finding a new advantageous match for Leodwen, the young widow for now seems quite content to stay where she is, at her home in Falt Manor.

Her talents are to be found in the healing arts, first aid and chirurgery; apart from that she is a well-behaved young lady quite versed in the challenges of courtly life, and blessed with a pleasant voice.



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