Emily Browning
Emily Browning as Laurwyn de Woodford
Full Name: Laurwyn de Woodford
Age: 21
Culture: Culture
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Woodford
Class: Lady
Spouse: Dalan de Newton Height: Height
Father: Father Weight: Weight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: Children



It is said that song pleases God. If that is true, then he made this woman to be a song in physical form. Tiny and delicate, she moves with such ethereal ease, that it could bring to mind the thoughts of Grace. Her long, auburn hair falls freely to her shoulders, a few stray strands falling to frame her angelic face. Her skin is fair and smooth, and her lips full with just a faint, but adorable, natural pout to them. Hazel eyes, the color of mid-summer wheat, further accentuate a beauty and a soothing presence that could be hard to resist.

She is dressed in a simple, white dress that drapes over her slender, dancer's curves like fine gossamer. Her skirt seems to float about her with each sweeping movement she makes, almost as if she cannot help but even, in her most mundane movements, flow like dance. Her small slippered feet seem as if they rarely touch the ground with such movements. A simple white, foxfur cloak drapes over her slender shoulders, and protects her from the elements of Logres. Some would call her elfin, but the simple silver cross she wears on a black choker, clearly shows that she's been claimed by the angels.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Acwel de Woodford
acwel TBD
Seren de Woodford
seren TBD
Algernon de Woodford
algernon TBD
Ravenna de Woodford
ravenna TBD

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