Lainn de Laverstock (retired)
Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt as Lainn
Full Name: Lainn
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Laverstock
Class: Knight
Spouse: All the single ladies… Height: Tall
Father: Sir Galalloc de Laverstock Weight: 180 lbs.
Mother: Mother de Laverstock Hair Color: Dirty Brown
Siblings: Eldest brother (deceased)
Sir Lainn de Laverstock
Sir Elrick de Laverstock
Younger twin brothers (one deceased)
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Children: Ha!



Lainn is a rather plain looking man. Six foot two with dirty brown-blonde hair that's been allowed to grow out to a bit scraggly and unkempt. Built as well any other man with a number years of knighthood under his belt, he doesn't seem to standout all that much. Rather, he seems to blend in pretty well with all the other faces in the crowd. Brighter than usual blue eyes that seems to hold a rather permanent mirthful expression.

The clothes that Lainn wears is loose-fitting but yet appealing to the kind that nobility would wear. Black trousers held up with a leather belt, and black knee-high riding boots for foot apperal. The loose-fitting white shirt that's cover his torso is pretty plain but clean, with the sleeves usually rolled up. An open black vest with green decorative thread is worn over the shirt. A silver pendant is strung around his neck, either that's a memento or a gift.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Trystan de Laverstock
trystan Cousin and the head of the Laverstock household.
Josette de Laverstock
josette Cousin and sister to Sir Trystan.
Elrick de Laverstock
elrick Younger brother.
Arian de Laverstock
arian Younger sister.
Aedan de Laverstock
aedan Younger brother.

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