Michiel Huisman
Michiel Huisman as Kylan de Chalke
Full Name: Kylan de Chalke
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Chalke
Class: Knight & Heir to House Chalke
Spouse: Unwed Height: 5'10"
Father: Andras de Chalke Weight: 185
Mother: Irys de Chalke Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Garis (d.), William, Roane, Tamara, Isyld Eye Color: Gray-Blue
Children: None


The heir and the spare. It is a familiar tale amid many houses and one that has led to more than a few rivalries among siblings. Yet in the case of Garis and Kylan - the brothers were thick as thieves. Scarcely two years between them, they spent the majority of their younger years in and out of trouble. The boys had several other siblings as well, brothers and even a sister or two, but none bonded quite as close as the heir and the spare.

The pair entered into squirehood, one right after the other, with Garis seeming to forever be a few steps behind his younger brother in the knightly pursuits - despite his standing within the family. Kylan never minded being the 'spare' and never had anything but admiration for his older brother. As the brothers grew older, Kylan began to pull back a bit, all too willing to let Garis reap the glory and accolades in his stead. He did not need the praise and adoration of his parents and others to know he was a solid fighter. In fact, one might even have gone as far as to claim Ky did not quite care what others thought of him.

In the years that followed, Kylan watched as his brother gained all the advantages of firstborn status as well as the burdens - from newer armor, fine swords, and even a lovely wife and daughter. Though he did not have gifts and glory lavished upon himself, Ky loved the freedom that came from not being heir. He was able to move within the shadows and handle the less than savory troubles daring to touch the family without a care. The expectations of his station were low which made passing his own good deeds and accomplishments off as Garis' so much easier.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and for the brothers it was no different. The day Garis fell in battle to the Saxons, Kylan was nowhere to be found. With so many years of being handed praise on a silver platter and his brother nowhere near by, Sir Garis fell changing the dichotomy between the brothers forever. In an instant, Kylan went from being the shadowed spare to the heir without anyone to promote upon a pedestal. A great deal more unpredictable and obstinate in his rulings than Garis, Kylan never wanted to be heir - but he will wear the mantle that has been dealt to him, whether he likes it or not. Fortunately he still has younger brothers to succeed him should he falter or fail.


Standing around 5'10", this man has a lean and rugged look about him with the weathered features of a fairly seasoned knight. Shaggy dark hair crests his neck, a little long to be considered fashionable, while a carefully groomed beard trims his cheeks and chin despite societal norms. His brows are somewhat thick and frequently furrowed above a pair of gray-blue eyes.

His clothes appear to be of the finest quality, when he is not wearing the standard armor. A pair of finely woven black chausses adorn his legs with an undertunic of the softest linen stretching the expanse of his torso. His overtunic remains a dark black trimmed in gold. A thick belt encircles his waist to bear his scabbard maybe a tad upon the side of ostentatious. An obsidian cloak is knotted and pinned with the sigil of House Chalke at his right shoulder. Thick leather boots complete his wardrobe.

On the Grid

Known Associates

william Welcome to life as a spare, little bro.
roane Brother and companion in arms. I envy your freedom at times.
isyld Little Sister and knight. You remind me so much of my earlier years, it is a little frightening at times.
tamara Younger Sister. A perfect and proper lady to be sure, you do our mother proud.
maeve Sister by marriage to Garis. You are one of us now. Stapleford logic be damned.

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