Kamron de Dinton (retired)
Chris Pine
Chris Pine as Kamron ap Leodoc de Dinton
Full Name: Kamron ap Leodoc de Dinton
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Dinton
Class: Knight
Spouse: betrothed: Arian de Laverstock Height: 5' 3 1/4"
Father: Leodoc de Dinton Weight: Solid but not heavy
Mother: Matilde de Dinton nee Falt Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Several younger, including Sir Breihelagon de Dinton and Heulwen de Dinton Eye Color: Gray-Blue
Children: None


Kamron de Dinton was born to Leodoc de Dinton and his wife, Matilde de Falt, their eldest child who would survive to adulthood. Leodoc was the younger son of a younger son, putting Kamron well outside any sort of line of succession that does not include a massacre or three.

When Kamron showed an interest in knighthood as a boy, it was seen as something of a burden at first, and it was suggested that he might be sent to the clergy instead (as that would be less expensive for the family). The boy stated that this was simply not fair, as he should not be punished for striving to be the best man he could be. Of course, this argument from the young boy did not win over the knight of the manor immediately. It took some time to convince first his father, and then his 'uncle' Sir Cynfarch de Dinton, but eventually it was agreed, and he was squired off to one of Earl Robert's household knights.

It was hoped that either the harsh training would be too much for him and he would give up the pursuit, or he would catch the Earl's eye and the Earl would pay the costs of his harness and horse. In fact, neither happened. Kamron got along quite well with Sir Belles, the household knight, and did his best to be a good squire for the knight. After all, he had been given the chance, it was only right that he make the most of it.

Sir Belles was seen as something of an oddity, for after having been knighted after the battle of Mt. Damen, he took up a Saxon axe as his weapon. It was the aging knight's love for the weapon that drew Kam to it as well, for all that it was not as respected by others as the sword. Beyond his duties to his knight, Kamron learned a great deal from his time at Robert's court, watching the game play out between men and women. He decided that he had very little wish to play the game for the goal of a lover or wife, but knowing how to play it would help keep him free to pursue the life he saw in Sir Belles—a knight often on adventure or on campaign.

Kamron's squiring days were replete with adventure (when he wasn't pushing Sir Belles' armor around the yard in a barrel of sand to clean it), from battles to tasks given to Sir Belles by the Countess de Salisbury. On one such task, they squire was trapped in a building set alight by Saxon raiders, surviving only because Sir Belles pulled the terrified lad out. The young man was more confident by the time he followed his knight to the Battle of Netley Marsh when he was 18. When his uncle was wounded, it was Kamron who was sent to take the man out of the fight. He managed it successfully, although it was his cousin and aunt who truly saved the man's life. Kam also was in attendance at the First Tournament and the battles that followed, serving with Sir Robert through Arthur's campaigns of the next several years. He fought alongside his knight in the Morning Battle at Terrabil, and although Sir Belles (now nearly 50) fell at the end of the Morning Battle, Kamron was knighted by Sir Robert for his conduct on the field, and marched into the Afternoon Battle as Sir Kamron with Sir Belles' armor and steed.

Kamron returned to Dinton Manor after the battle and found a warm welcome, his extended family remembering his aid in saving the Lord's life (as well as growing up with him as a child, of course). Since he has not yet chosen a squire and has his former lord's armor and (admittedly old) horse, taking him on as a knight for the Manor was not expensive, and they were happy to give him a home again. Having gotten a taste of being on campaign with the Pendragon, however, has given him an ambition… he means to make his mark in the world, and EARN a right at the King's Court.

He witnessed the miracle of the ghostly Sir Ifron de Arnsford's appearance at the Feast of the Presentation, and swore himself to right the wrong perpetrated upon Sir Ifron. Sorely wounded dealing with Saxon raiders who destroyed the manor at Imber, he recuperated in time to travel south to Exeter to fulfill his oath to Sir Ifron. The party faced Pictish raiders in Devonshire, the judgment of the witch advising the kidnapper of Sir Ifron's son, and a long journey back via Arnsford, but returned successful just in time for Earl Robert's spring court.

Attending the wedding of the High King and his new Queen, Kamron requested "a token to remember this day and the radiance of your love for one another," and was gifted with the cord from their handfasting, a gift which he showed every evidence of treasuring. He had an even record in personal challenges, although he broke his practice axe many times. Unfortunately, his performance on the field during the Grand Melee was not up to the standards of his performance in the court, as he not only broke his weapon, but was also knocked from his horse quickly and eliminated.

Although he was unable to prevent the killing of Sir Haydn de Tisbury by the incensed Sir Sior, Kamron participated in (or led, depending on who you ask) the apprehension of the rogue knight after Sir Sior had also killed the Lord Knight of Winterslow.. Sir Sior's second Sir Iovreth was killed by the vengeful knights, as were four more of his followers, while three were brought back to face justice. Upon bringing Sir Sior and the other captives back to Sarum, Kamron was appointed one of Earl Robert's Keepers of Law.

Travelling southeast with a small band of knights under the command of Sir Agramar de Sarum, Kamron took part in a raid on Saxon Sussex. They raiders burned two villages and brought back livestock, goods, and three captives, although Sir Agramar was sorely wounded during their return.

Upon their return, Kamron joined the defense of Salisbury's southern border against Dorset, defending Ebbesbourne Wake and then working to intercepting a messenger alongside Sir Catryn Burcombe.

His first official mission as Keeper of Law came in late August, in the midst of the fighting with Dorset. Kamron led a group of five other knights across Salisbury to Littleworth, where they hunted down a group of bandits and captured their leader, although Sir Catryn was grievously wounded, and several of the other knights — including Kamron himself — were also significantly wounded, although not nearly so badly.

Has left the area on quest for the Earl with his betrothed, Arian.


This twenty-something man has apparently lived a somewhat violent life. His skin is tanned and weathered from sun and wind, with a regular tracery of faint scars that lightens his left cheek. He is relatively well-built for his less-than-spectacular size, with broad shoulders and strong limbs, but without the excessive bulk of some men. Gray-blue eyes topped with thick, expressive eyebrows dominate the man's face. Mischief is rarely far from those eyes, or from the corners of his generous lips. His nose is unremarkable, his jaw broad, and his chin sharp. The hair atop his head is scarcely long enough to grasp, cut short to be worn beneath a helmet, and does absolutely nothing to disguise ears that are just a bit too large for the rest of his face.

He wears a sleeveless overtunic of a strong, dark green. A good deal of embroidery stitches a ring of tree branches in brown and brighter green around the neck, twining out across the top of his shoulders, and then around his arm-holes. The sleeves of the undertunic show themselves to be a slightly-faded brown. A simple leather belt, lightly worn about the buckle, clasps about the tunics, tightening them around his waist and holding a pouch and his dagger. Below the tunics fall simple trousers of a paler brown than his undertunic and plain leather shoes. Over the rest of his attire he wears a rabbit cloak, the lush, golden-brown fur turned inside and the skin protecting him from the weather. It is gathered at his right shoulder with a simple wooden clasp in the shape of two bears with entwined claws.

On the Grid

Known Associates

dinton My family. I am proud of what they do for our people, and will always do whatever I can to repay their kindness in letting me pursue my spurs.
Cyndeyrn de Dinton "Deyr"
cyndeyrn My quiet cousin, strong and noble. It turns out he has buried the soul of a romantic deep within his stoic countenance. I could not be more proud of him, and I am thankful for his support in matters of the heart.
Lysanor de Dinton "Lysie"
lysanor My lovely cousin. Her skill with needle and thread is remarkable, and I am ever impressed that she can maintain her composure among the wounded. She is to be the Lady of Baverstock soon, and I know she will excel.
Braihelagon de Dinton "Brai"
braihelagon My younger brother, a valiant knight in his own right now, even if I may tease him more than a little.
Heulwen de Dinton "Wen"
heulwen My younger sister is a perfect lady, and I am proud for her accomplishments. Nor could I be more careful in protecting her from some of the cold truths of life. She is to become the Lady of Woodford, and while I know she will do wonderfully, I do wonder if she will be happy.
Amalthea de Dinton "Thea"
amalthea A cousin almost as close as the main line. First named Stablemaster to the Earl, and then betrothed to the Knight of Wylye. Impressive achievements, and now it seems that three Dinton ladies shall be Ladies of Manors.

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