Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy as John de Bodenham
Full Name: John de Bodenham
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Bodenham
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse Height: Height Average
Father: Father Weight: Weight Average
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Siblings: Siblings Bran, Idris, Bronwen, and Tegan (Good Sister) Eye Color: Eye Color Blue
Children: Children N/A


Born the third son, John was named for a saint for he was meant for the church. However, ever the rebel and upstart, John defied convention and told his father that he would not be a meddling priest, instead he would be a knight and seek his glory. This of course angered the Bodenham, but like all men of this line, John proved stubborn and proud and fled as soon as he was able (before he could be collected by priests) and made for Sarum and other places to find a knight who would take him under. Sadly, it seems none were willing until one of the least of Earl Robert's a notorious pagan and wastrel named Cadwgan took him as his squire. He promised he would make a gryffyn lf him yet, mocking the boy's house which did him no favors.%r%rIf being a squire is to be rewarding, then John's was not. He was pushed hard, harder than some of the lads by an increasingly lazy knight. He found himself beaten for small infractions and encouraged to fight the other squires upon provocation.

Likely this was done to wear the boy down and send him home, however it instilled more discipline and likely stubborness in John.%r%rJohn proved an apt pupil and also took on aspects of his master, namely he showed promise in his ability to drink men under the table, to where he came known for it (Earning Cadwgan some petty cash theough betting)%r%rCad did not keep his squire from the field and took him on campaings. It was at Netley Marsh where John would surpass his brother and be knighted. This came after he donned Sir Cadwgan's armor as the other was blind drunk and took to the field. He downed an enemy and held him ransom, this earning him his knighthood and harness. A truly spectacular feat.%r%rUpon this news John was welcomed back into the fold as a proper griffin knight and rode with his father and brothers.

But that welcome would not last. Sir John would see the boy king pull the sword and then his father fall at Bassus river.

Since then he has been in the tournament circuit, looking for a lord to impress and take him on.



On the Grid

Known Associates

[[tab Bodenham]]

Idris de Bodenham
Idris Little Brother: Probably out of us, he is the more reckless in the ways of his heart and his loins. A fine knight, and a better Christian than I. I like to give him a hard time, as he tends to hold himself in higher regard than I hold meself.

[[tab Laverstock]]

Lady Aldreda de Laverstock
Aldreda This fair lady has caught my eye. Not because of her sweet tarts and pastries she has given me, but she is a kind lass—and easy on the eyes. I do look forward to seeing her any chance I can. I also, have her favor-so there is that.


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