Hera Hilmar
Hera Hilmar as Isolde
Full Name: Isolde
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Baverstock (bastard)
Class: Commoner
Spouse: None Height: 155 cm
Father: Nyles de Baverstock Weight: 45 kg
Mother: Rianna Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Bryce de Baverstock
Landon de Baverstock
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Rianna was a healer in a tiny village beside the road, which lead from Amesbury to Up Avon. A nice forest was hiding the city from the eyes of intruders. That was the best place for a young healer to live. The forest had many various herbs to improve Rianna's healing abilities.

One day she was just resting in a tiny tavern of the village. A man, dressed up like a noble, got into a huge fight. He was as drunk as his opponents, who managed to hurt the man's head. The wound was not very serious. So, Rianna brought the stranger to her home, and she healed him. The man was Nyles de Baverstock. He was handsome, friendly, kind and in the need of comfort. Passionate and a little bit naive, the healer decided to comfort the man in bed. However, he left in the morning, while Rianna was sleeping.

Maybe Nyles de Baverstock regretted his choices, but he left a real precious gift to Rianna - a daughter, who was born less than in year after their meeting. Rianna had never been with another man before. She knew without a doubt who the father of Isolde was. However, the pagan healer decided not to bother the man and raised the girl up all alone.

That's how Isolde was taught the life of a pagan until she turned six years old. She always believed that her father died. That's what Rianna had told the young girl, whose main passion was drawing. At first she just drew on the ground, but later Rianna tried to provide her daughter with the needed equipment. Isolde showed a huge talent in this field.

Though, when Isolde turned 6, Rianna got sick. She knew that she would die. There was no way to save her. So, Rianna gathered all her strength and decided to find Nyles de Baverstock. Isolde had to have a home. A good home. It was not so hard to find the man. He wasn't happy seeing the redhead pagan tattooed healer on his doorstep with a child beside.

Though, he admitted his sins to his wife Meredith. She had the kindest heart a human could have. She convinced the man to acknowledge Isolde and allow her to live within the walls of Baverstock. So, Meredith took Isolde in. At first she tried to teach the girl a proper lifestyle not just for a lady, but a British Christian too. So, soon many of the pagan teachings were pushed out of Isolde's mind. She grew really close to Meredith. Also, the young woman was taught of court life, and various other things like stewardship just to help to keep the manor in good shape. Isolde was really helpful communicating with commoners and helping the poorest ones in the name of Baverstock.

Isolde wanted to make Meredith proud. She was very thankful to Meredith for taking her in. Nothing was kept hidden from the girl. She knew who was her father, who was her mother, and why she can only be a handmaiden and a little messenger for Meredith. Isolde happened to have a kind heart too. So, she did not hold any anger toward her father, nor toward her mother. She just concentrated on learning to be British Christian, knowing the ways of the life of a lady, serving Meredith, and drawing.



"Smile, the worst is yet to come. We'll be lucky if we ever see the sun.
Got nowhere to go, we could be here for a while. But the future is forgiven, so smile…"

Mikky Ekko - "Smile"

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