Gabriella Wilde
Gabriella Wilde as Iona de Bishopstone
Full Name: Iona de Bishopstone
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Bishopstone
Class: Lady
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 5'2"
Father: Bronwir de Bishopstone Weight: 111 lbs
Mother: Lili de Bishopstone nee Chalke Hair Color: Silvery Blonde
Siblings: Three Older Brothers, Finn Eye Color: Ice Blue
Children: None


Bronwir de Bishopstone was perfectly content to live in the shadow of his brother Alibron de Bishopstone as Alibron oversaw the manor. Bronwir was a knight and was perfectly content to fight and serve his liege, and that was all he wanted until he met Lili de Chalke the woman who he would marry. It turned out to be a marriage of love in the end and Lili bore Bronwir no less than five children, the youngest being Iona.

When the pale haired babe with her milky white skin was brought into the world her father marveled at the beauty but feared the beautiful babe would be short lived in such a harsh world. She looked frail at first but Iona quickly grew and became quite healthy, though her delicate looks remained.

Between a mother who tried to groom her into a lady, a father who encouraged her to be proper and dignified and siblings who were rather protective at their best Iona's childhood was a sheltered one. She often snuck off going out to shoot at the archery targets for peace and quite when no one was around. When she got scolded for this Iona explained that it was relaxing for her to practice and that she saw little harm in learning a ranged weapon since she lacked physical strength. Her father finally agreed and she got some proper lessons out of it as well.

The more Iona grew the more she wanted to know, her curiosity was boundless as was her energy, she often got up with the sun and snuck off into the wilds. She learned to read but she was more interested in legends than scriptures. She was fascinated with myths and the beings from those myths. She spent many of her days hunting in the forest when she could but more often than not she was kept at home and taught to manage lands, and be a proper wife. Iona also had lessons in singing since she was old enough to speak properly, her voice possesses a naturally musical quality and when she sings its normally a haunting, alluring and very beautiful thing.

Still Iona could not stay locked up in her family estate forever, she begged her aging father to let her go to Sarum to see if she could secure a court position, eager to see who might be interested in marrying the beautiful silver haired Bishopstone Iona was given her way and sent off to Sarum.



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