Joshua Sasse
Joshua Sasse as Iolo
Full Name: Iolo
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Idmiston, Sort of!
Class: Bard and Bastard
Spouse: Spouse Height: Height
Father: Father Weight: Weight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: Children


Iolo, born into a troupe of performers and musicians based out of salisbury, his mother one of the members of the troupe, and his father one of the knights of Salisbury who entertained her as a mistress for a short time.

Iolo spent much of his time traveling to the various courts of Logres, moving about in the summers, and often wintering in Sarum itself. He never had a close relation to his father, and never lived a priviliged life. As he grew older, he apprenticed with the group, becoming quite a performer himself.

As a teenager, and into adulthood, Iolo would start to develop other skills as well, learning the trade and tricks of gathering information, delivering subtle messages, and other tricks and trades, using the guise of a musician to move about more freely, and gain access to places that others might be more suspicious of. He's recently set out on his own, the members of his troupe older, settling down, and starting to go their own way, leaving Iolo to find his own way in the world!


On the Grid

Known Associates

tria Fiery Tavern wench, with a love of bows, adventure, and song and dance!
amalthea A stable woman for a noble house, some manner of kin or cousin. Quite enjoyable, likes my songs, can ride like the devil!

Recent Logs

(514-06-15) A Bard comes to Burcombe
Summary: Iolo the bard is traveling the roads and stops in at Burcombe, meeting a gaggle of nobles,...

(514-05-21) Performance Tourney
Summary: Two men challenge each other for the title of Performance Tourney...

(514-05-19) Before the Challenges
Summary: A meetup before the challenges of the day.. Date: 514-05-19 Related: Wedding Tourney ...

(514-05-17) Song and Food
Summary: Leodwen de Falt encounters Iolo the bard, and the both of them indulge in a bit of...

(514-05-16) A Carlion Hunt
Summary: Erylys and a group of commoners head out for a hunt led by the noble woman. Date:...

(514-05-15) Off to the Races
Summary: A spontaneous horse race Date: 514-05-15 Related: Carlion Logs ...

(514-05-15) Gift Giving, Part 3
Summary: The last log of the scene where there are gift requests Date: 514-05-15 Related:...

(514-05-01) Beltaine: Of Summer and Winter
Summary: The Pagans and some Christians gather at Yarnbury to witness the great Battle of Summer...

(514-04-30) The Tale of Sir Moon
Summary: Iolo tells a tale of a magic knight named Sir Moon, who challenges people for their souls!...

(514-04-20) Drinks, Disagreements, and Duels
Summary: A discussion about marriage and the right of a family to demand conversion leads to...


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