Matthew MacFadyen
Matthew MacFadyen as Brother Huw
Full Name: Brother Huw
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Falt
Class: Clergy
Spouse: N/A Height: 5'6"
Father: Unknown Weight: 10st
Mother: Meg Carter (D) Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: None known Eye Color: Blue
Children: N/A


Born in the autumn of 493 on lands belonging to Falt manor, Huw's father was known only to his mother, although sadly she failed to inform anyone of his name before she died of septicemia a few days after his birth. With her family unable, or unwilling, to take him in he was 'given to God' in the form of being handed over to the local abbey. Raised alongside other oblates, and children of those in Sarum rich enough to educate their children at the abbey school, he had a sheltered childhood, learning to read, write, sing, and a few other skills that would aid him in serving God.

This peaceful, quiet life seemed to suit him, and while he never topped any of his classes it was evidence that the Lord had seen fit to bless him with a reasonable degree of mental sharpness. It got rocky briefly in 505 when King Cedric lays siege, with everyday life in the abbey struggling to proceed as normal with the imminent threat of violence from just beyond it's walls. Thankfully though, the worst did not happen, although from that point on he found himself listening just a little more carefully to the chattering of his school friends who lived outside the holy enclave.

Things soon settled down again though, and as he reached 14 he found himself set to work for a year on one of the monastic farms near Newton and it was here that he got his first real experience of what might be called a 'normal life'. Not much of one to be granted, for his days were still ruled by the services of the church, but he learnt to ride, how to tend a field, how to manage and store crops, and other useful skills. It was during this year that his talent for book keeping was spotted, and once he returned to the abbey he was regularly tasked with aiding the abbot, or hosteller, or precentor.

Shortly after his 20th birthday, the old abbot died, and his replacement was appointed from a sister house. This new abbot wanted as many brothers as possible to train to become priests in their own right, and he felt the calling to embark upon that course. Stories of the war between the Kings kept reaching the precinct walls and distracting him though, causing him to temporarily doubt his vocation. Thankfully though, after long conversations with his confessor, and then the abbot, another path was found. There was no doubting his dedication to God, but perhaps the walls he'd never chosen were not for him, and instead he was sent out to continue his deaconship with a priest serving a manor. In this case, the manor he as born on, Falt.



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Custennin de Falt
custennin TBD

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